TV recap: ‘Supergirl’ offers the Hank Henshaw revelation we have been waiting for


The standard caveat: Thar be spoilers ahead.

“The Darkest Places”: Vial, or vile? This week, the Doctor, left, aims to extract blood from Supergirl (Melissa Benoist). (Robert Falconer/The CW)

The real Cyborg Superman has finally stood up.

Ever since David Harewood was cast as Hank Henshaw on then-CBS’s “Supergirl,” viewers have speculated as to whether he would eventually turn into the Cyborg Superman — just as Henshaw does in the pages of Superman comic books.

But when Henshaw was revealed last season to secretly be the Martian Manhunter, fans began to wonder whether the Cyborg Superman was someone else on the show — or whether he would appear at all.

On Monday night, the CW’s “Supergirl” finally revealed the Cyborg Superman — and it’s … Hank Henshaw?

Actually, it is the real Hank Henshaw, the man the Martian Manhunter has been pretending to be since the real Hank Henshaw “died.”

Turns out, the real Henshaw is not so dead. And Cadmus, the evil, alien-hating secret organization led by Lex Luthor’s mother, had a hand in his creation.

We were treated to the Cyborg Superman reveal Monday when Supergirl went looking for Mon-El, who was captured by Cadmus. Supergirl located where Mon-El is being held captive — and came face to face with Henshaw.

Supergirl was confused, thinking that the Martian Manhunter was there to help, but she figured out that it was the real Henshaw when he threw her into a wall.

Realizing Cadmus had done something to Henshaw to give him super-strength, Supergirl pulled no punches, unleashing a dose of heat-vision that blasted Henshaw in the face, revealing his cybernetic skeleton.

But Cyborg Superman got a vial of Supergirl’s blood by forcing her to weaken herself via solar-flaring out. (She overused her heat-vision.) He took the blood to the Fortress of Solitude and used Kara’s Kryptonian DNA to access Krypton’s secret files.

The geekiest question I have now is: Will we get a full-blown Cyborg Superman experience? Having Henshaw appear with a half-cyborg face is cool. But will he get an “S” on his chest and a cape to go with it — now that he has verbally declared himself the “Cyborg Superman”?

Now that the Cyborg Superman has been revealed, fans can begin to speculate how closely “Supergirl’s” producers will follow his storyline that debuted in the classic “Death and Return of Superman” of the ’90s, which saw him become an evil force, destroying an entire city in the process.

“The Death and Return of Superman” continues to have a pop-culture impact on DC Entertainment properties. Doomsday was brought to the big screen and “killed” Superman in “Batman v Superman.” The Eradicator recently made a comeback in the pages of DC’s Superman comics. And now the Cyborg Superman is here on “Supergirl.”

With the access Cadmus has to Kryptonian blood, I’m still holding out hope that the ’90s Superboy (a clone of Superman from the “Death and Return of Superman” storyline) will appear. I mean, the way they have Jimmy Olsen dressed up as the vigilante Guardian on this show, you can squint your eyes, pretend he’s Steel and it’s a Reign of the Superman party just like that. (Can we please get Jimmy’s Guardian suit and a blue-and-gold paint job?)

Now that “Supergirl” is on the CW, a network that has almost a week’s offering of DC Comics-inspired superhero shows, let’s hope we get to soon see the real Cyborg Superman how he’s supposed to be — caped up with the symbol of the House of El on his chest.

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Who’s the real Hank Henshaw (shown here last season)? (Courtesy of CBS)


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