Cyborg Superman, Medusa & Was That A Batman Hint? ‘Supergirl’ S02E07 Easter Eggs


Last night’s episode of #Supergirl was action packed to say the least, finally revealing Cyborg Superman as the original Hank Henshaw (not Jeremiah Danvers, as we theorized, though he did finally reappear), while pushing along that fantastic Alex-and-Maggie romance subplot that has been one of the highlights of this season. In the meantime, J’onn found out Megan is actually a White Martian while Guardian fought a violent vigilante… and although “The Darkest Place” was pacy and exciting, it did feel a little bit too overstuffed, like two episodes crammed together.

It’s possible that there was a lot of plot to deal with before the crossover next week, and to be honest, a slightly crowded episode is a small price to pay for the Heroes vs Aliens event which we can’t stop geeking out about. Just look at this clip. It’s gonna be amazing.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the #EasterEggs and #DC references that peppered Season 2 Episode 7. And you better believe we noticed this casual nod to a certain Caped Crusader…

Gadgets Demons

After Superman soared into Season 2 of Supergirl, fans started seriously questioning whether we could ever see his best super-friend (or arch nemesis, if you go by DCEU logic), and the Batman hints just kept coming. In this episode, Kara made another allusion to the Dark Knight:

“My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons.”

Tbh we'd kill for The CW Superman to get a Batman bff. [DC]
Tbh we’d kill for The CW Superman to get a Batman bff. [DC]

It’s entirely possible that Batman does exist somewhere on Kara’s Earth, but he’s characteristically hiding in the shadows until he’s forced to reveal himself. That would make more sense than him existing on the other Earth, where Arrow and The Flash is set, though there have been hints that he’s lurking there too.

But there’s another option — Kara was actually referring to another be-gadgeted vigilante. The most likely candidate is Batwoman, considering the mention of “demons,” as the vampiric Kate Kane fights genuine gods, demons, and monsters in her comics. There’s also the fact that Kate and Maggie Sawyer are engaged in the comic canon (perpetually so, as their marriage was banned by the DC higher ups).

Batwoman proposes to Maggie Sawyer. You should read this comic. [DC]
Batwoman proposes to Maggie Sawyer. You should read this comic. [DC]

With Maggie a regular on Supergirl, it’s possible we’ll get more hints about her ex-girlfriend Kate Kane — and it’s far more likely that Batwoman will appear than Batman.

Cyborg Superman Medusa

Finally! This payout was a long time coming, as many fans (ourselves included) suspected Hank Henshaw of being Cyborg Superman back when Supergirl first aired last year. And it was oh-so satisfying to see the real Hank return, complete with Terminator-style upgrades. It looks like Cyborg Superman will be one of Season 2’s Big Bads, acting as Lillian Luthor’s heavy. But what the heck is this “project known as Medusa”?

There’s only one Medusa of note in the DC comics — the main antagonist for the New 52 Batwoman, Medusa is the queen of the gorgons, a terrifying monster from Greek mythology.

Medusa is scary as heck and one of the most interesting DC villains. [DC]
Medusa is scary as heck and one of the most interesting DC villains. [DC]

If we’re right about that Easter Egg referring to Batwoman, not Batman, then this might just be the Medusa that Hank is referring to. Which would be super awesome, because the New 52 Batwoman is one of the best comics ever written and deserves to be adapted somehow.

And yet, because Hank journeyed all the way to the Fortress of Solitude to investigate Medusa, it seems more likely that this is another Kryptonian project, using Medusa as nothing more than a code-name. That would be a let-down — especially after the similarly-named Project Myriad was one of the weakest elements of Supergirl Season 1.

Invasion Foreshadowing

Remember that huge DC crossover we mentioned earlier? It’s all going to kick off on Supergirl next week, and we got some nice little hints about it this episode. Mon-El’s clearly hiding something from Kara:

“Kara, about Daxam… there’s something I have to tell you.”

Mon-El almost confesses to Kara. [The CW]
Mon-El almost confesses to Kara. [The CW]

In true cliffhanger fashion, Mon-El never got to finish his warning, but we’re willing to bet he was going to tell Kara that a splinter group of Daxamites ran off to join the Dominators, an allied force of aliens set on conquering other worlds — and the main villains for the crossover. This is straight out of the comics, and lines up nicely with what’s next for The CW’s DC heroes.

Another ally of the Dominators was mentioned this episode. Lillian said that the bars of Kara’s cage were made from “Thanagarian steel”, and Legends of Tomorrow fans will recognize the name, as these aliens were a key part of Legends Season 1. It’s likely we’ll see the Thanagarians join the fray in the crossover, because they were also part of the Dominators’ alien alliance in the Invasion! comic. It’s all coming together.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think we’ll see Batman, or Batwoman, in Supergirl?

They have a cute relationship in the comics. We'd like to see that onscreen. [DC]
They have a cute relationship in the comics. We’d like to see that onscreen. [DC]


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