Comic Collection Monday #47: Adventures of Superman #487 …


In today’s Comic Collection Monday, I’ll take a look at “Adventures of Superman” #487 with a publication date of Feb. 1992.

In Comic Collection Monday, I post the cover of a comic book from my collection, along with a brief note about the issue – what I thought about it, where I got it, whatever comes to mind.  Spoilers are ahead if you haven’t read the issue in question.

The issue: The issue was written by Jerry Ordway, with art by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood.

The title is “Christmas in Suicide Slumberland.”

In Kansas, a senator is killed in an explosion.  Superman’s childhood friend Pete Ross is appointed to fill out the term, but as Agent Liberty investigates, there appear to be several layers to the plot. 

Meanwhile, a down-on-his-luck Jimmy Olsen teams up with another Superman pal, Bibbo, to share holiday cheer with some of Metropolis’ children. When they have trouble getting toys in time, the Man of Steel steps in to help – and help Jimmy repair his relationship with his estranged mother. 

How it got in my collection: I’ve collected basically all the Superman comics of this era, and I’m a sucker for Christmas stories besides.

Going on in the world: According to Mike’s Amazing World, this Feb.-dated comic book would have gone on sale on Christmas Eve — Dec 24, 1991.  The top show of the TV season was “60 Minutes.” The top film at the box office was “Hook.” The top song on the Billboard hot 100 was “Black or White” by Michael Jackson.


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