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In the post-Crisis era, Superman always knew to never trust Lex Luthor. But since that Superman has taken over the role in the DC Rebirth era, Luthor has been more difficult to pin down. In fact, Luthor has even acted heroically, while trying to usurp the legacy of the New 52 Superman who died! Now, Luthor isn’t simply content to replace Superman on the Justice League or as the hero of Metropolis, he wants to be the world’s greatest “hero,” if only to serve the needs of his own ego.

Within the pages of Action Comics, Lex Luthor has been attacked and kidnapped by the Godslayer, who has accused Luthor of crimes on an intergalactic scale. In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Action Comics # 969, Superman has to find a way to follow the Godslayer even as “Clark Kent” tells him that Luthor doesn’t deserve to be saved! Yes, there is a Clark Kent who isn’t Superman, and we’re still not sure what’s going on there…

Action Comics 969 page 1

Action Comics 969 page 2 Action Comics 969 page 3 Action Comics 969 page 4 Action Comics 969 page 5

Action Comics 969 cover Action Comics 969 open order variant cover

Writer Dan Jurgens and artist Patrick Zircher are the primary creative team on Action Comics # 969. Here’s DC’s official description of the issue:

“MEN OF STEEL” part three! Trapped on the Godslayer’s home world, Superman and Lex Luthor must unite if they want to make it back to Earth! But does Luthor deserve his freedom or should the Man of Steel make sure he stays locked away?

Action Comics # 969 will be released on Wednesday, December 14.

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