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DC Comics has been going through quite a transition this year. With the DC Rebirth lineup, the company hoped to give readers not only a more “classic” feel in regards to their comics, but show that the “light” of DC Comics universe has not been lost. As the New 52 dealt with darker stories all around, making many wonder what happened the characters that they grew up reading. One of the biggest downsides to the New 52 in many cases was the Superman line of comics. Seen as inconsistent, very dark, and Superman himself not being as fun as the original, fans asked for a change, and they got it. For at the end of the New 52. That version of Superman died, and the pre-Flashpoint Superman arrived to take his place (long story). Now, as Action Comics shows, just because a new Superman is in town, doesn’t mean things are any easier for the Man of Steel.

In fact, he’s been rather busy, as Lex Luthor has also tried to be a Superman, and has been arrested, and is being put on trial. Then, there’s the newest character into the mix, Godslayer, who claims to be good, but as the teaser for Action Comics #970 states, his origin is VERY different from Superman’s. The fate of the world may hinge on what Superman decides to do with Lex Luthor.

Action Comics #970 is written by Dan Jurgens, with artists Patch Zircher, Ulises Arreola (colors) and Rob Leigh (letters). You can check out a preview of the comic below.

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