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With the return of the real Superman during Rebirth, DC Comics is also introducing another new Superman costume. DC Comics revealed the look of the new Superman costume, which is pretty close to the original Superman costume, but again, we see minus the red trunks.

Fans have been going back and forth on the new Superman costume online, which has caused DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio to offer the following response.

My own two cents is that they should stick with the iconic look and keep the trunks. At least Superman is holding the American flag and is presently a citizen, right? He’s also flying and not walking.

The new Superman costume debuts this April in Superman #20 and Action Comics #977.

Via Dan DiDio Facebook:

Work’s been a little busy so I’m kind of behind on my posts. I’ve always enjoy a passionate discussion on our characters and I realize there are things that concern some people more than others. Since Rebirth (and even as far back as New 52), we’ve had folks lobby hard for the red boots with “v” cut and return of the red shorts. Superman’s costume, like all our characters costumes are in a subtle but constant state of evolution based on changing fashion and artist influence. The shorts (and the capes) were based on styles of the time and the limitations of the medium. Needless to say, things have changed over the last 70 plus years.

The purpose of Rebirth was to return the character traits and legacy that made the character great. Remind us of why we loved reading about them in the first place. So while the costumes may have changed slightly with the times, the people in them are true to who they are. New looks attract new attention and readers and grow our industry for a new generation. And regardless of the costume, Superman needed to be Superman, with a character this great, clothes do not make the man.

Keep the fires burning and here’s to a great year ahead.

Best, DD

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