Superman’s ‘Justice League’ Resurrection Comes Complete With A Certain Black Suit


Much in the same way that the unexplained absence of Luke Skywalker was used to construct a cocoon of mystery around The Force Awakens long before it hit, everyone involved with the DCEU is keeping firmly shtum about the presence of #Superman in Justice League.

To recap, in Batman v Superman the Man of Steel almost died in space, then came down to Earth where he actually did die, and finally, just as Bruce Wayne vowed to avenge the death of his brother-from-another-Martha by forming the #JusticeLeague, the dirt began to rattle on top of Superman’s coffin. The whole thing was gloriously stupid, a capsule of comic book insanity seen through the grimdark lens of Zack Snyder. Needless to say, I loved it.

Snyder is a man who loves his comics so much that his love/hate Watchmen was almost a page-for-page take on the graphic novel (for better or worse), and that desire to see iconic imagery recreated on-screen seems to bleeding through to Justice League. Previous rumors had suggested Superman would wear a black suit upon his resurrection — something Henry Cavill seemed to confirm on Instagram:

Now, a new leak adds further fuel to that fire. In this blurry, low-res pic, which seems to be a new image (but could be a Photoshop job), Superman’s cape is black rather than red, his suit either a darkened shade of blue or black.

The picture doesn’t come from any known source, and could feasibly be fanmade (those sleeves look a little off somehow), but if it’s real it seems to suggest that Snyder will once again take strong visual inspiration from the pages of DC Comics in Justice League, specifically the all-time classic ‘The Return Of Superman’ saga.

As all good DC fans will know, ‘The Return Of Superman’ is the third act of ‘The Death Of Superman,’ a comic book event which introduced the Kryptonian alien Doomsday and completely transformed the pages of DC Comics. The first act, ‘Doomsday!’, was a clear influence on Batman v Superman, so it makes sense that the third act, in which Superman is resurrected by a regeneration matrix, would form the basis of Justice League.

For more DCEU madness:

When he returns to Metropolis, this weakened Superman is now adorned in a black suit with a silver ‘S’ on the chest, along with an inexplicable mullet haircut (which stubbornly stuck around for quite some time) — check out this epic fan art for a teaser of how epic that would look on Henry Cavill.

'Superman: Lois and Clark #1' [Credit: DC Comics]
‘Superman: Lois and Clark #1’ [Credit: DC Comics]

Fans probably shouldn’t expect to see Cavill rocking the mullet any time soon (not that it would diminish his sex appeal, let’s be real), but whether the leaked photo is legit or not, it seems this dark Superman suit is a thing that’s happening.

Does that mean Superman will metamorphosize into another version of himself? One of the main problems with the character so far in the DCEU is that he’s neither as likeable as his comic book counterpart, nor as dark as the universe around him. He seemed lost in Batman v Superman, not heroic or tortured enough to justify all that angst.

For Superman to truly succeed on his own terms, there needs to be a shift. For Snyder, Justice League is the perfect opportunity to give the Man of Steel a mini-reboot of sorts. The problem has never been Henry Cavill’s performance, but rather the fact that a hero who has typically represented a beacon of hope for mankind has been forced to tread the muddied waters of a bleak universe apparently devoid of hope or any other positive emotion.

Justice League can fix that, if Zack Snyder so desires. But like all things in the flawed, entertaining realm of the DCEU, there’s really no telling what we’ll get until we’re in the cinema witnessing the genius/horror for ourselves. Happy days.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Do you think the Superman black suit is legit?


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