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The fight between Superman and Batman originally ended much differently in “Dark Knight Returns.”


Basically True

As most comic book fans know, the final book of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s iconic “The Dark Knight” miniseries, titled “The Dark Knight Falls,” features a climactic battle between Batman and Superman, with Batman ultimately having Superman at his mercy before he is felled by a heart attack. Green Arrow played a role in it, as well, shooting Superman with a kryptonite arrow.

The heart attack, of course, was all a ruse by Batman so that he could go underground. In a cute scene at the end of the issue, Batman awakes a TOUCH too early, so Superman actually hears his heartbeat, but allows Batman to get away with it.

In the tenth anniversary collected edition of “Dark Knight Returns,” though, DC shared with us all Frank Miller’s original plot for the final issue, and not only is Green Arrow not in the final fight, but the total final battle was SLIGHTLY different, especially in the fact that Superman was WINNING the final fight when Batman then succumbs to his heart attack…

Everything else after that is as it was in the original comic (I mean, slight differences, but the basic gist was the same).

I think that I like the published version better, especially the use of Green Arrow. What do you folks think?

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