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Superman Reborn rewrote Superman’s DC Rebirth history restoring Cyborg Superman as Hank Henshaw, deleting Kon-el Superboy from the Death and Return of Superman arc as well as removing the New 52 romance between Superman and Wonder Woman.

However, Supergirl’s dad Zor-el was the Cyborg Superman and Zor-el is referenced as a villain in Rebirth, but not directly as Cyborg Superman.

This was the New 52’s Zor-el as Cyborg Superman.

This was the classic Hank Henshaw as Cyborg Superman.

Looks like the latter is back in DC Rebirth or is he?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers with Action Comics #980 Vs. Suicide Squad #19?

In Action Comics #980 we get a revised or tweaked origin for Hank Henshaw and…

…his Cyborg Superman…

…alter ego.

Cyborg Superman and the Eradictor, both part of the classic Death and Return of Superman arc, confront…

…Superman in modern day…

…on their real mission to find General Zod.

This will eventually, it seems, move us to Suicide Squad which will include Cyborg Superman in Suicide Squad #19. However will it be the Hank Henshaw Cyborg Superman as seen on the Tony Daniel cover…

…or the Zor-el Cyborg Superman on the Whilce Portacio variant for the same Suicide Squad #19 issue…

…or do both Cyborg Supermen co-exist in DC Comics Rebirth?

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