DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Trinity Annual #1 Reveals A Trinity War …


DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Trinity Annual #1 follows.

Wonder Woman villain Circe and Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul marvel at what keeps DC Comics primary Trinity – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – together.

Turns out its fate.

The Trinity #1 annual sets up future issues with the mystical Pandora Pits as well as the tease of a…

…a Trinity of Trinities! A Trinity War with…

    • Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman vs.
    • Bizarro, Red Hood and Artemis (aka Red Hood and the Outlaws) vs.
    • Lex Luthor, Ra’s Al Ghul and Circe?

    That last “evil” Trinity was featured in the Trinity #7.

    More to come based on Trinity Annual #1.

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