Batman v Superman, since it’s release to this day, has been dragged through the mudd by many fans/critics. Considering it to be “2016’s worst super-hero film”. Constant bashing on Snyder and insulting him (which is pathetic, in my humble opinion). 
Here’s my take on why “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is not only an injustly criticized film, but also a great one.


Alot of people are going to come at me for this article, and my opinion. Quite frankly, i don’t care. Plus, i can’t comment at all, so i won’t see anything in my inbox. Don’t try to get me to reply because : as much as i would love to, i cannot.

So, let’s dive in:

Batman v Superman’s main criticism was that it wasn’t hopeful, to which i say that wasn’t the movie’s purpose (Altough, the movie does show hopeful and inspiring moments):

BvS deal with hoplessness. With an almost hopeless world, and hopeless characters. It presents to us a modern and more cynical society, quite a bit like “The Dark Knight Returns” Graphic Novel, Published in 1986. This shows what Superman’s mission is about in this film and in the comics: bring hope. Which he does, by stopping Doomsday in the end. Proving some of our world’s cynical and stubborn ideologies wrong. Which is what Superman is about: overcomming the obstacles and being a better person. You see Kal’s struggle to be the hero, you see him being beaten down by humanity and it’s cynical and its people that believe that power doesn’t belong to a being like this, and that this being with power should be erased from existance. Alexander Luthor Jr. embodies that kind of ideology in the comics and in this movie. You see a fresh Superman doubting and being pertified by our world’s horrors, in this film. The reason Clark/Superman doesn’t smile all the time in BvS is the same reason why Superman doesn’t smile in “The Dark Knight Returns”….. It’s because he has no reason to smile (albeit the fact that their reasons to not smile are diffrent). 

BvS’s goal was to show Superman overcoming a bleak and dark world. It mirrors “Superman: Peace on Earth”  (a story where Superman tries to instore peace on earth, basically….. It’s all in the title!), but in this movie, Kal succeeds (or atleast succeeds in making the world question itself), but dies in the process. 
This is a concept that i loved.

MoS was the rise of hope, which featured alot of inspiring and hopeful moments (Superman stopping The World Engine, This Man isn’t our enemy, Kal saving men from a fiery death at the Oil Rig and all the Superman save scenes basically).

BvS was the slow burning death, but a death that inspires the people of earth to be better, of this hope that still fight throughout this film (Superman saving people montage, Superman saving Batman from himself and Superman’s sacrifce).

JL will be the litteral rebirth of this hope (Superman’s ressurection) and will show the consequences of Superman’s inspiring message (formation of the Justice League). 

Another one of BvS’s criticism was that it didn’t follow the comics and that it disrespected the source material. Despite the OBVIOUS (and beautiful) imagery mimicking the comics throughout the movie (seriously, compare some parts of the movie to the comics it adapts, and the diffrences are slim to none.), i’m going to list out a few characters (main) and i’ll compare them to the comics (if you say “not canon”, DC doesn’t always follow a PARTICULAR CANON. It’s an adpatation. It follows the material that it wants):

SUPERMAN: Tough nut to crack …. Not really, actually. This version is Superman evolving and becoming more and more the Superman we know and love from the classic comics. This one does a few detours. For Man of Steel: it feels like the “Superman: Birthright” Supes and the “Superman: Earth One” Supes combined into one. Birthright’s Superman is a little more confident as Clark Kent and a serious Superman, whilst Earth One’s Superman is almost haunted by his past and his bullied during his childhood, while his powers are evolving more and more. Earth One’s Superman is an equally serious or even more serious Superman as the “Birthright” version (he is young, inexprienced, and a little on edge). For BvS: you have what i stated for MoS, but taking a backseat to the Alex Ross kind of Superman which is also serious, and has sprinkles of Kingdom Come’s Superman on him. But you can also see a little bit of TDRK’s Superman when he’s forced to fight Batman, being forced to defeat the bat by Lex in the movie and by an old, decrepit president in the comics (Lex was a president in the comics too……. How small is this world!). Mainly, you see the classic Superman in the end, when he sacrifices everything to stop Doomsday. 

BATMAN: The easy answer: “The Dark Knight Returns”…. Sucidal, depressive, beat-down, cynical, broken, alcoholic and needs as much anger-management therapies as a WWE heel character does. Knowing that Bruce in this movie and in the graphic novel, sees this world as “hopeless”. And also the fact that he is a much more violent man (sends batarangs in people’s hands, breaks their arms, legs, everything that comes with it and beat Supes down in the GP, beats Supes down and breaks peoples legs and….. Kills them? In the movie )………… yes…. He is involved in a wee-bit of the manslaughter, but ONLY A WEE-BIT.  Yes, he never did kill in the comics, but it actually works in the context of this movie, seeing as Batman has to up the antics and has to establish new rules to be noticed by that god in the skies, and the fact that Batman questions his morals and his code in this movie. But Superman saves him and proves that his ideologies aren’t as obselete as Batman thinks. Batman, in the ends, sees that he became no better than Joe Chill (his parents’s killer) and that he should be above killing. That there is hope for this world…… Wait…. Wait a second, my informations were wrong….. Batman did kill in his early appearances. He snapped necks (Hello, Zod! ), set people on fire and hunged a guy from the Batwing. The movie does a good job with that concept, in my opinion. You see the classic Batman at the end, when he sees that humanity’s salvation is not impossible.

LEX LUTHOR: Lexy, Lexy, Lexy. So many fans denied the fact that Eisenberg’s Lex is accurate to the comics. The thing is that he IS. Very much like a modernized version of the Golden Age Lex, who was a mad-scientist and an all around crazy bastard. Or even the Birthright version of Lex Luthor, who looks EXACTLY like Eisenberg does (Altough, it was only in flashbacks or something. But it makes sense considering it’s Lex’s first movie in the DCEU). Birthright’s Lex had mood swings and maniac enthusiasm (The movie took it a notch higher). But then, you have that facade of an anxious young man that is friendly, empathic like a snake, seeming harmless…… But when you see throught that facade, it begins to crack ( Lex twitching and looking at Finch with a sinister look after she blocked the Kryptonite’s import license), and then you see that truly crazed and damaged individual perring out of these cracks. Lex has always been insane by diffrent terms. This Lex is a philantropist trying to save the world, above all. Like the classic Lex, who he’ll be evolving into (in a BvS’s featurette, Geoff Johns or Snyder say “he is making his way to become the iconic Lex Luthor, from the original comics”).

SUPERMAN: We see him dealing with the consequences of his actions, with all the vitrol and controversy around him, the anger and the fear people have toward him because of his powers and his status. The people that worship him, that despise him (embodied by Luthor)… We see him question himself, doing his best, but we also see him feel like his best isn’t good enough. We see Clark question his morals, his code, his beliefs. Questioning Superman’s existance, his meaning, and what he stands for. Was Superman ever real, or was he just a dream? We see him as a mortal, a god rendered human by the Batman. We see his demons, his struggle and we see him rising above every one of these obstacles and him being THE hero, the protector, one above all the hate, the vitrol and the rage, the man that overcomes what no one can and thus, becomes THE SUPERMAN…

BATMAN: We see him dealing with the arrival of this new god in the skies, of which’s power cost the life of men, women and rendered children orphans… Powerless, like he once was….. He is powerless, once again. We see his anger evolve into hate, and this hate evolves into rage….. We see that from the point of view, coming from this broken old man, he is doing the right thing. Ravaged by time, he has only one way to make history, to protect the world. Extinguishing this power that cannot be innocent………… But is then proven wrong on his cynical views on this modern world.As he sees a man caring for his familly and from which the intensions to save the world are PURE. He sees that man sacrifice himself for his beliefs, to protect and serve. He saw that this was a good man. And that hope isn’t lost for this world….. And thus….. THE BATMAN has been reborn.

The “plot-holes” in this movie aren’t really hard to figure out. It plays on the viewer’s attention and his ideas….. It plays on interpretation:

Like, why didn’t Kal give the spear to Diana….. Because he had a perfect set-up to finally end Doomsday’s existance. And the fact that Kal values life and doesn’t put the burdens that should be on his shoulers on other people’s shoulders.
Kal is brave and doesn’t let people die from him. He is a God, but with the most human of values (or divine, depends).

Or the fact that Kal couldn’t find Martha……. Problem is that she couldn’t be in Gotham or in Metropolis, it’d be too obvious. She would be in Coast City or Central City by now….. And scanning a WHOLE city the size of Metropolis or Gotham would take more than 10 minutes, probably…. And he only has 30 minutes. Good use of “reverse psychology” on Lex’s part, that’s my theory.

Or why couldn’t Kal hear Martha being kidnapped…… He has to FOCUS on what he WANTS to hear. He was in the mountains, and he wanted to be disconnected to the world, and wanted to forget about everything. He wanted to be alone for a moment…. To reflect.

This movies offers character time to people that have been affected by the Black Zero Incident in Metropolis, like Wallace Keith, who embodies very much this idea of “God is to blame for EVERY HORRIBLE THINGS THAT HAPPEN  TO GOOD  MEN!”

Batman v Superman offers an amazing outlook on these iconic characters and can be considered a think-peice and a beautiful reflection on our modern society and how our world reacts to diffrence (Batman, Lex) and an alien with god-like powers’s impact on our world, creating diffrence, blame, confusion and rage towards this pure and perfect being (Superman).

BvS’s message is this: no matter how dark some days are, no matter how cloudy the skies are, not matter how much blood is spilled on this world’s surface, HOPE…… Still remains. BvS, for me and many fans, is the combination of great visuals, great storytelling, great score and great performances. What i like the most about thi film is its showcasing of ideologies being challenged and how far one man can go to protect his world, his tribe, his beliefs and his freedom……. And the execution is only the icing on the cake, for me.

I hope this article has shed some light on why i feel like “Batman v Superman” is an amazing movie, in my opinion.
I also hope you enjoyed this little editorial and that you, the readers, have a great day! 😉



From: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/comics/dc_comics/why-batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-is-not-as-bad-as-some-people-say-it-is-a151830

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