Roy Thomas Discusses His Start in Marvel and Introducing Readers to Characters Like Iron Fist


Well, like with Iron Fist and even with Luke Cage, who he’s partnered with, only when the movies comes out. I saw a bit of the Iron Fist footage on TV, it looked like it would be good. I didn’t see the costume; maybe they’re not going to use one. My main contribution is the symbol burned into the chest and that will be it, so that’s okay. If the main idea is the same, I don’t care. Some people object because it’s a Caucasian so forth. That was my idea to do it, but if they made him an Asian or something else, that would be fine with me too. It’s just a character because I agree. There’s been a lot of white center to a certain extent and so forth and an incidental part of it. My feeling is that if you want to change that, you do that by making up new characters. You don’t have to change the characters that already exist. Although the thing they did with Iron Fist, who’s a relatively minor character, I wouldn’t have cared. Our idea is that we made up all the stuff together like Luke Cage. Instead of taking another character and change it. You can be at home, typing on your computer screens so they don’t have to worry about it. They can say anything and they won’t care about the responsibility, they’re not responsible for the sale, they’re not responsible for the quality of the book. It’s way easier to be a critic than it is being a creator. I’m not saying it’s easier for critics, but a lot of these guys they are out there spewing venom for no particular reason except that they got up this morning and say, ‘I must be wake! Time to spew venom!’


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