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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Superman #30 follows.

Sinestro vs. Parallax, the yellow fear entity, with Superman caught in the middle.

The book opens Parallax in possession of Superman giving a soliloquy to Sinestro that catches readers up on what happened last issue.

Sinestro is losing badly, but at his earlier planned command the Weaponeers of Qward of transported them to the anti-matter universe.

There in the frigid elements Parallax’s hold in Superman weakens…

…as we see the nightmares and fears of Superman…

…over three pages making this perhaps a stealth tie-in to Dark Nights Metal due to the recent reveal that…

…that the dark multiverse is made of up several universes based on the nightmares and fears of those in the regular multiverse like Superman.

Parallax has been influencing those around Sinestro trying to defeat him to no avail including a Weaponeer of Qward. A weakened Superman saves the Weaponeer saves him…

…as Parallax escapes and does battle with Sinestro for some time.

A freed Superman interjects and…

…has a plan to stop Parallax. He literally leaps into Parallax, showing no fear in a bad ass way, and…

…traps him in Sinestro’s ring to be delivered to Hal Jordan, Green Lantern.

The book ends with Sinestro ring-less and Superman perhaps changing the nature of Weaponeers of Qward; will they be lackeys or feared warriors the next time we meet them?


A rollercoaster adventure that was quite entertaining. Superman almost took a backseat in his own book until the end. Overall, still fum. 8 out of 10.

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