Fan Expo 2017 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Superman In Action …


Fan Expo 2017 and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Superman In Action Comics #989 follows.

During Fan Expo 2017 week, DC Comics revealed the final cover to Action Comics #989 which is part 3 of the 4 part The Oz Effect that will see Mr. Oz’s identity exposed.

It all begins in Action Comics #987…

…then Action Comics #988…

…followed by Action Comics #989 which was originally solicited like this…

…yet now looks like this.

Mr. Oz sure looks like a Kryptonian, perhaps Superman’s dad Jor-el if the cover to Action Comics #987 is to be believed. Yet, how does this all tie into Dr. Manhattan and the Doomsday Clock #1?

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