Why Batman V Superman Didn’t Work, According To One Comic Writer


Superman turns 80 years old next year, and like most DC Comics superheroes, this means that numerous writers and artists have put their own spin on the Kryptonian protector in the comics. However, Dave Gibbons did make a good point in his interview with Comicbook.com. While Superman has had his share of dark moments over the decades, he’s generally presented as a brighter and optimistic hero in the DC mythology. Batman, on the other hand, has been depicted as a brooding and suspicious vigilante in the years since the ’60s TV series and the Silver Age of Comics concluded, much like his first comic book stories. The juxtaposition of Superman and Batman’s different personalities in this regard certainly would have been interesting to see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but director Zack Snyder and the rest of the creative team decided to take a different approach.

From: http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1705759/why-batman-v-superman-didnt-work-according-to-one-comic-writer

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