Comics icon Frank Miller on “Batman,” his career and Donald Trump


All I can say is that this president is an opportunity for cartoonists. The buffoons usually are. But this one has a particular range of exceptionally cartoony characteristics.

With Trump’s obvious deficiencies, I can also see a great amount of hack work coming out of this too.

But you could see also that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were both easier cartoon presidents. There’s everything from that cheap work to some rather exquisite cartooning done. It depends on the talent.

What do you think separates the folks who have gifted insight from those who are just superficial?

You’ve got to be a good observer and you’ve got to have a point of view.

At this point in your long career you have likely been approached to do many projects that either don’t interest you or may not fit your talents. How do you resist those temptations? 

Well, that’s a stage to a career. That’s particular. If you’re on your way in your career, you find the things either that you’re good at or that you want to do or that you’re not good at and you want to test yourself on. At this stage in my career, I’m looking for more things I haven’t done before.

What are some of those examples?

There’s a whole lot of different stories to do. They don’t all involve guys in tights, even though I do love those.

The “guys in tights,” as you say — Batman and other classic American superheroes — are archetypes.  Superman is a sun god. Batman is a response to deep fears in the subconscious. What stories are left to tell using those archetypes?


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