DC Movie News: New Justice League Details, Superman’s Pornstache and More


The day when we all find out exactly what the Justice League movie will look like is fast approaching. The film has had its share of trouble behind the scenes, but recent trailers have all looked really good. Already, it feels like a much more fun, optimistic affair than either Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. Now, a German behind-the-scenes promo has surfaced, featuring some new footage from the movie, and from the movie’s San Diego Comic Con panel.

That last part is especially exciting. Since the Justice League SDCC panel happened in Hall H, only those present got to see it. The rest of us had to settle for secondhand accounts. Now, we get to see a little bit of what went on. Judging from this clip, there was a whole lot of suit talk. Ben Affleck’s least favorite Batsuit is actually the tactical one he wears in the new movie. It’s even tighter and less comfortable than that metal one in BvS. One hilarious detail is that everyone appears to have some kind of issue with their costumes except for Cyborg actor Ray Fisher. Affleck’s didn’t breath at all, Gal Gadot was barely covered, and Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller wore 20 pounds of metal. Cyborg being mostly CGI, Fisher got to walk around in pajamas.

The b-roll of the actors shooting the movie on the green screen is also really cool. It’s always interesting to see how these big special effects come together. Given all the strangeness about whether or not Affleck was leaving the role of Batman at the time, it’s nice to watch the cast joke around together like this. We can only hope that chemistry comes through in the final cut of the movie. Also, how great is it that Jason Momoa has pretty much the same reaction any of us would if they were standing next to Batman? Nice to know that even Khal Drogo has his geek-out moments.

LOIS AND CLARK #1 (Cover Art by Lee Weeks, via DC Comics)

We also got another sneak peek of what’s to come in Justice League from a fairly unusual source. Screen Rant reports that not only is Superman coming back in Justice League (duh), he might be wearing his black suit. A hat appeared on SuperHeroStuff with the name “Superman Black Armor Justice League.” While everyone knows Superman will return in the upcoming movie, exactly how he’ll be resurrected has been kept secret. The title of this merchandise would appear to indicate it would follow the Return of Superman arc from the comics. After the fight with Doomsday “killed” him, Superman famously returned, clad in a black suit.

Of course, there are more funny stories from the set of Justice League going around today. By now, it’s no secret how extensive the reshoots for the movie have been. The most hilarious detail to come out of them was that Warner Bros. would have to digitally shave Henry Cavill, who was not allowed to shave the mustache he grew for the next Mission Impossible movie. Right away, everyone wanted to see a cut of the movie where Supes kept the ‘stache. Now, Ben Affleck’s comments have us desperate to see it.

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Affleck had this to say of his co-star’s facial hair: “It was a full-on porn-star mustache. He looked like a porn star from the ’70s, just with a better body. It’s a different twist [on Superman].”

Sadly, we won’t get to see 70s porn Superman when Justice League hits theaters. Hopefully, it’ll be on the Blu-ray/DVD bonus features, because to deprive the world of that glorious vision would be a terrible crime. In the meantime, we have this fan-made edit of BvS, which I think we can all agree is greatly improved by the Superstache.

Looking beyond Justice League, it’s sounding like DC is planning to step away from the cinematic universe idea after this one. Vulture ran a huge story on the future of DC Entertainment, and it sounds like the studio is going further to differentiate its movies from Marvel’s.

Rather than having each movie take place explicitly in the same continuity, building up to a gigantic crossover, Warner Bros. now wants each superhero movie to be more standalone. The universe idea will still be there, but it won’t be the whole point, like with the Marvel movies.

“Our intention, certainly, moving forward is using the continuity to help make sure nothing is diverging in a way that doesn’t make sense, but there’s no insistence upon an overall storyline or interconnectivity in that universe,” says DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson.

Gal Godot (Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/Warner Bros.)

Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns pointed out that they’ve already had success with the idea. DC’s biggest hit, Wonder Woman isn’t explicitly connected to any other movie. The character shows up in BvS and Justice League, but you don’t have to watch either to enjoy the story of Wonder Woman. Nor do the events of Wonder Woman have any bearing on Justice League. The upcoming Aquaman movie will be the same way. It will be Aquaman’s own story, not following directly from Justice League, nor laying the groundwork for a Justice League 2.

This sounds like the best possible move for the DC movies at this point. Man of Steel and BvS were critically panned partly because they were more about getting to Justice League than doing right by the characters. That’s how you end up with a dark, brooding Superman movie with a high body count, and the hero snapping a man’s neck at the end. Now, the filmmakers behind future DC movies will get to tell a story that fits the character they’re working with, rather than trying to build a bridge to something else.

All these changes come as Johns and Nelson gain more influence over the movies. While DC Entertainment has a ton of input on the animated movies, TV shows and video games based on their superheroes, Warner Bros. didn’t give them the same level of input in the movies. As a result, the studio spent the first three DCEU movies trying to chase Marvel’s success. DC is never going to beat Marvel at the game they started. Rethinking the DC movie universe and going the complete opposite direction from Marvel is almost certainly the right move here. DC Comics have been knocking it out of the park with an approach entirely different from Marvel’s. It’s time for the movies to follow suit.

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