Geoff Johns: DC Comics Won’t Make Superman a Nazi


DC Comics president Geoff Johns says that there are no plans to turn Superman into a Nazi. When it comes to superheroes, there are arguably none more readily identified with America than Superman. As Superman’s vintage motto attests, Superman fights for truth, justice, and the American way, at least when he’s fighting for the side of good. As with any long-running comic character, Superman has turned evil a few times, but his standard characterization remains that of the moral freedom fighter.

Superman’s biggest competition when it comes to the title of most American superhero comes from Marvel’s Captain America, an identity most commonly inhabited by Steve Rogers. Unfortunately, this year saw Marvel Comics opt to take Cap in a direction that most fans came to hate. As part of Marvel’s Secret Empire arc, the star-spangled hero was revealed to secretly be a double agent for Hydra, the Nazi-aligned evil organization that has long-served as a nemesis to S.H.I.E.L.D.

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While the end of the Secret Empire story saw the “real” Steve Rogers arrive to take out his fascist counterpart, many have argued that the damage to the character has already been done. Marvel was always quick to point out that Captain America didn’t technically become a Nazi, but Hydra is at the very least Nazi-adjacent, and the idea of Cap being associated with the Third Reich in any way turned the stomach of quite a few longtime fans. Thankfully, Screen Geek reports that during a panel at NYCC, Johns made it clear that Superman becoming a Nazi isn’t in the cards:

“Well, Superman’s not going to be a Nazi or anything like that.”

Superman Day of the Dead BvS Geoff Johns: DC Comics Wont Make Superman a Nazi

In what seems to be a pretty clear shot at Marvel’s ill-advised decision to make Cap a Hydra loyalist, Johns’ statement leaves no room for doubt: Superman won’t be “hailing” anyone anytime soon. Despite technically being an alien, it would appear that Superman doesn’t dislike humanity nearly enough to want to join up with Hitler, or those who share his despicable values.

With it established that Superman won’t be following Captain America down the road to fascism, fans can look ahead to further adventures featuring The Last Son of Krypton, both in the comics and outside of them. Superman will of course soon return to theaters in the DCEU film Justice League, which fans hope can live up to the quality standards set by this summer’s Wonder Woman.

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Source: Screen Geek

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