1st Superman Comic Book Up For Auction Along With Memorabilia …


A well-preserved issue of the 1938 comic book that first featured Superman is heading to the auction block, along with dozens of other Superman memorabilia.

Profiles in History announced Friday that it will sell a copy of Action Comics #1 at a Dec. 19 auction in Los Angeles. The comic, which features Superman hoisting a car over his head on its cover, is expected to sell for between $800,000 and $1.2 million.

The auction house says the comic is in its original condition and has been rated in fine/very fine condition.

The sale comes a few months before the 80th anniversary of Superman’s debut.

Other Superman memorabilia the auction will be featuring includes a costume worn by actor Christopher Reeve in 1983’s “Superman III,” the Superman costume worn by Brandon Routh in the 2006 movie “Superman Returns,” and a hand painted Superman comic cover created by the original artist.

The Man of Steel is back on the big screen this week in “Justice League.”

From: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/multimedia/1st-Superman-Comic-Book-Up-For-Action-Along-With-Memorabilia--459379983.html

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