EXCLUSIVE: Booster Gold Joins Superman for a Trip to Krypton in Action Comics #993


Reeling from the recent revelation of Mr. Oz’s true identity, Superman’s life has been turned upside down. How can he be a beacon of hope when his belief in himself and his purpose on Earth is faltering? The answers he so desperately needs elude him no matter where he turns. Something has tampered with time.

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The Man of Steel decides that the only way to to get the answers he needs is to go back to the start. Using the Flash’s cosmic treadmill, the Man of Steel journey’s back in time to witness a personal and universal tragedy…the destruction of Krypton!

CBR has your exclusive first look at DC Comics’ Action Comics #993, with story pencil art by Dan Jurgens and finished ink art by Joe Prado Cam Smith. In stores December 13th, 2017.

Action Comics #993

  • Dan Jurgens (w/a/c) • Joe Prado Cam Smith (a)
  • Variant Cover: Francis Manapul
  • “BOOSTER SHOT” part one! As Superman struggles to cope with Mr. Oz’s true identity, the Man of Steel turns to the only “hero” he knows who can prove once and for all if Oz’s story is true: Booster Gold! But a massive power doesn’t want our heroes venturing through time, and will do anything it can to sabotage their journey!
  • Rating: Teen
  • In Shops: December 13th, 2017
  • SRP: $2.99

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