DC Comics Universe & Superman #38 Spoilers & Review: TIME IS BROKEN In Super Sons Of Tomorrow Part 4 Plus A …


DC Comics Universe and Superman #38 Spoilers and Review follow for Part 4 of Super Sons of Tomorrow!

Superman #38 With Super Sons Of Tomorrow Part 4 with an unexpected and big sacrifice.

Only one more issue after this one in two weeks! Check out the Super Sons of Tomorrow event checklist below!

Super Sons of Tomorrow so far:

    Superman #38 opens with the Titans Tomorrow with Conner Kent Superman, Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Woman and Bart Allen Flash entering the timestream or hypertime after Tim Drake Batman Savior who is modern day DC Rebirth continuity.

    In modern day the Teen Titans have reconciled with Damian Wayne Robin and Jon Kent, the Super Sons. They save Superman from a red kryptonite prison of the future Tim Drake Savior. Tim explains why Jon’s powers are on the fritz and dangerous.

    Just then future Conner Kent Superman, Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Woman and Bart Allen Flash arrive in the present to capture Tim Drake.

    Damian Wayne attacks Tim Drake as Tim decides to…

    …sacrifice himself to save everyone, but…

    …he’s not dead; he’s floating in the timestream or hypertime.

    Super Sons of Tomorrow concludes in 2 weeks in Part 5 in Super Sons #12.


    The best written issue of this arc so far with amazing art to boot. 9 out of 10.

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