Superman Turns 80. The Red Trunks Still Fit.


Superman, created by the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Shuster, was introduced on April 18, 1938, in Action Comics No. 1. The Man of Steel struck a chord with readers and, faster than a speeding bullet, he became a multimedia sensation, with his adventures chronicled on radio, stage, film and television, and his image on a kaleidoscope of merchandise and collectibles. “If everybody doesn’t know by now who Clark Kent and who Lois Lane is, you’re not paying attention,” said Maggie Thompson, a senior editor of the Comic Buyer’s Guide, which covered the industry from 1971 to 2013. On Wednesday, Superman turns 80 years old and — great Caesar’s ghost! — DC Entertainment will publish Action Comics No. 1,000. Here are some memorable issues on his journey to that milestone. Happy Birthday, Kal-El!

Action Comics No. 1 (April 1938)


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