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Chicagoans with a few hundred thousand dollars to spend on a comic book are in luck this week.

A live event at Heritage Auctions, 215 W. Ohio St., will feature roughly $10 million in vintage comics, comic art and memorabilia.

Among the 1,686 lots is DC’s Action Comics No. 1 — the 1938 comic that features the first appearance of Superman. It is expected to sell for at least $650,000. The auction is being held in four sessions; there will be three live auctions at Heritage — at noon and 2 p.m. Thursday and at noon on Friday — as well as an internet-only auction at noon Saturday.

“If you’re not a multimillionaire, this may be your chance to see $10 million worth of comics all in one place here in Chicago,” said Roberta Kramer, managing director of Heritage Auctions. She added that the first appearance of Superman was the “Holy Grail” of comics.

Kramer estimated the auction is set to be “quite possibly the most high-dollar comic book auction of it’s kind, ever.”

An original 1996 Charles Schulz Peanuts comic strip featuring Snoopy as a World War I flying ace along with his bird pal Woodstock from 1996 is expected to sell for $100,000. Also in the auction is an original 1990 painting by Frank Frazetta titled “Death Dealer 6.” As of Wednesday morning, absentee bidding for the painting already had reached $717,000.

“The Midwest loves comics and we’re very happy at Heritage to bring it here,” Kramer said.

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