Ray Fisher Wants Cyborg To Battle An Iconic Superman Villain In The DCEU


Of course, this choice also makes sense when we look at how sparsely populated Cyborg’s rogues gallery is in the comics. Though some writers have introduced interesting foes for him to face off against, such as the recent inclusion of Malware at the beginning of his Rebirth run, some of Cyborg’s most prominent and best adventures have occurred during crossovers with other heroes or team missions. With relatively minimal iconic villains to choose from, sending him up against a more well-known bad guy from another hero’s rogues gallery could make for fascinating storytelling. We still don’t know when Cyborg will show up next in the DCEU, but it’s easy to imagine that many fans would go wild for this potential idea.

From: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2425192/ray-fisher-wants-cyborg-to-battle-an-iconic-superman-villain-in-the-dceu

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