Krypton TV series: Who is Seg-El? Who is Superman’s grandfather?


In an exclusive interview with, Cuffe spoke about preparing for the role of Seg-El, saying that there was a “huge amount” of work to do before the cameras even started rolling.

He explained: “There was a lot of work that went into it, so there was five months of physical training, stunt work and boxing and MMA and that sort of stuff, that was pretty intense.

“Of course, there’s the script work. As soon as we get the script, there’s a huge amount of reading involved and making sure you’re ready to bring this character to life. But I loved it and of course I got to read a whole bunch of comic books.”

Reflecting on taking on such an important character, Cuffe said that he and the rest of the cast felt a responsibility when making Krypton.

“Although we’re going in a different direction [with this] story, this is still set in the DC Universe and is a story about Superman, then of course there’s a responsibility,” he said.

Adding: “We feel we’re sort of carrying the torch and there’s absolutely a massive responsibility that comes with that because this is a character that means so much.”



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