PREVIEW: King & Kubert’s 12-Part Superman Story Has Batman Ask for Help


DC Comics’ 100-page Superman Giant #3 arrives in Walmart stores this week, with an original 12-part story from writer Tom King and artist Andy Kubert.

Part One of “Up in the Sky” will mark King’s second Superman story since his heartfelt “For Tomorrow” short story in Action Comics #1000. Superman Giant #3 sees Batman call for the Man of Steel’s help to investigate a Gotham crime that has left a couple and two foster girls dead, with one girl missing and another in a local hospital.

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You might be wondering why Batman would turn to Superman for help when he’s Gotham’s protector and an experienced detective. However, once Superman begins talking to the injured little girl, her enthusiasm and love for DC superheroes reveals he’s just the man for the job, even if Perry White believes Clark Kent should spend his time on other cases.

Another important clue is the suspect showed up in a spaceman suit and escaped by flying up into the sky, meaning Batman may be out of his depth when it comes to pursuing the murderer and kidnapper.

Below are the description and preview for King and Kubert’s Superman Giant #3 story:

The cornerstone of SUPERMAN GIANT #3 is part one of the 12-chapter “Up in the Sky,” an original story by multiple Eisner Award-winner Tom King, writing his first Superman story since the poignant and heartfelt “For Tomorrow” in April’s landmark ACTION COMICS #1000. King, along with artist Andy Kubert, inker Sandra Hope, colorist Brad Anderson and letterer Clayton Cowles, has created a classic superhero story involving the kidnapping of an Earth child from Gotham City. Featuring DC mainstays Lois Lane and Perry White, in addition to cameo appearances from Batman and Green Lantern, this 12-part tale asks the question: How far across the galaxy will the Man of Steel go to bring a single child home?


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