Hal Jordan Takes On Cyborg Superman In DC Comics’ Green Lanterns #57, Out Today


Hal Jordan–one of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814, which includes Earth in its jurisdiction–has made plenty of enemies during his time as a space cop like Sinestro, Relic, and Nekron to name a few. However, one particular thorn in Jordan’s side isn’t even a Green Lantern villain, he’s one of Superman’s: Cyborg Superman.

That’s right, the half-robotic Superman impostor from the Return of Superman story in the ’90s is back, closing out the Evil’s Might storyline, but this time, Jordan isn’t holding back, and Cyborg Superman doesn’t have the help of the Ravagers. And who better to bring back this character than the person that created him, Dan Jurgens?

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In Green Lanterns #57, Cyborg Superman–once known as Hank Henshaw–returns to Coast City, the home of Hal Jordan. When Henshaw shows up, things tend to go awry for the inhabitants of the city. However, Jordan is around this time to stop Henshaw’s destruction, as you can see in the exclusive preview of the issue above.

This story continues the Evil’s Might story, where Henshaw battled the Green Lantern Corps across the universe. The villain found a way to hack into the Green Lantern Corps rings and he teamed up with the Ravagers for the fight. Now, it’s just Jordan and Henshaw in this final battle for Coast City.

Green Lanterns #57 is written by Dan Jurgens, drawn by Mike Perkins, colored by Hi-Fi, and features lettering by Dave Sharpe. You can get a copy of the issue for yourself digitally or at a local comic shop on Wednesday, October 17.

From: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/hal-jordan-takes-on-cyborg-superman-in-dc-comics-g/1100-6462542/

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