Man and Superman #1 review: An instant classic


Man and Superman #1 is a supersized story that is without question one of the best Superman stories of the past 10 years.

Marv Wolfman does for Superman in Man and Superman #1 what Mariko Tamaki did for Supergirl in Supergirl Being Super, which, in short, is to take an origin story and turn it into a fresh tale that’s an instant classic. This is a Superman story with heart, focusing on the smaller details of Clark Kent’s arrival in Metropolis rather than the story of how he became Superman. As a fresh look at a side of Superman’s origins that is rarely explored, it’s a tale that will appeal to fans both old and new.

Wolfman originally wrote this story as a planned four-issue miniseries for Superman Confidential, but the story was shelved when the book was cancelled. Now Wolfman’s masterpiece has a chance to shine and readers get to benefit from having the entire story available in one volume. And at $9.99 it’s an absolute steal for a 100-page story.

In short: This could very well be the best Superman story of the last 10 years.

It’s important to note that the Man of Steel is barely in it and it really works for the best. This is the story of Clark Kent in Metropolis, living in a dingy apartment and learning the ropes at the Daily Planet while watching Lois Lane work her magic.

Clark’s early days in Metropolis, alone in the big city, are some of the most important days of his life as he finds meaning and purpose in his gifts. These days tend to get lost as soon as Superman appears, but that changes with this beautiful story. Wolfman explores this critical period of time with eloquence and an eye for the little things that make this story special.

Claudio Castellini’s art brings Clark Kent to life as the bright eyed young man who arrives in the big city only to find that it’s not exactly what you see on postcards. Looking at Clark Kent in this book is like seeing Christopher Reeve come alive on the page. From the filthy apartment to street hustlers working their brand of magic on their unsuspecting victims, Castellini paints a sweeping picture of the darker side of Metropolis, a place fans normally think of as a shining city.

Courtesy DC Comics

Courtesy DC Comics

Courtesy DC Comics

Courtesy DC Comics

Writer: Marv Wolfman
Art: Claudio Castellini
Colors: Hi-Fi
Letters: Tom Orzechowski

Man and Superman #1 is available now at your local comic shop.


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