Ridley Pearson’s ‘Super Sons’ unveils a new dynamic duo: Batman and Superman’s kids


In writing my adult suspense, I like to research and write “faction” as much as possible; I’ve also taken to loosely basing those novels on a social issue like illegal immigration or the poaching of elephants. In “Super Sons,” I’d been reading about a group of prominent scientists who are considering “seeding” the ionosphere with sulphur dust to cast an “umbrella” over both poles. Talk about Rube Goldberg! I’m deeply concerned about climate disruption, and saw “Super Sons” as a way to put that issue into the art, and into the story, to some degree. I don’t want to preach or be earnest in books, especially for young readers. But inciting awareness is important, and helps drive any narrative.

From: https://www.latimes.com/books/la-et-jc-fob-ridley-pearson-batman-superman-super-sons-20190410-story.html

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