Superman and Lois Lane go undercover in Action Comics No. 1010


Superman and Lois are undercover as Agents of Spyral, trying to determine who has destroyed all of the intelligence agencies in the world. While searching though, the mysterious group’s plan continues. Spoilers for Actions Comics no. 1010 follow.

Despite being a reporter, going undercover is typically more in Batman’s wheelhouse than Superman’s, but regardless, he does it anyway in this issue, making for a very fun read despite the dark tone of the story. Superman and Lois have always had a great repertoire, especially under the tutelage of Brian Michael Bendis, and that really shines in this issue. There’s been a great comradery between Lois and Clark for a long time and it’s exemplified by a Peter Pan joke in this issue.

Despite the fun that Lois and Clark are having to an extent though, this issue keeps the tone of the story and set-up for the next DC event, Leviathan, extremely well. The beginning starts with Director Bones presumably getting assassinated by a woman who looks like Talia al Ghul. This continues on with the complete destruction of these intelligence organizations in a believable way and keeps the tone as dark as it needs to be.

Image by DC Comics/Art by Steve Epting

Once Lois and Clark find out who they’re contact is though, this is when things really start to heat up though, with Agent Tiger of Spyral being brought into the loop. The conversation between, Lois, Clark, and Tiger harkens all the way back to his appearances in Grayson. He even provides new information as to what Leviathan is in a way that is pretty effective social commentary. Once the monster that destroyed the D.E.O. shows up outside of Tiger’s safehouse, Superman is able to throw him out into space, but not before Tiger disappears with Lois.


Brian Michael Bendis and Steve Epting have produced some fantastic issues of late in Action Comics and hopefully stick the landing for this storyline before Leviathan begins.


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