Rocksteady Dev May Have Leaked Justice League Game


For years now, gamers have been wondering what the development team at Rocksteady Studios has been up to. After putting a bow on their Batman Arkham trilogy with Batman Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has gone dark with discussions about their next project, although that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and rumors from flying.

The latest rumor comes by way Eddie Stubbington, who apparently is joining the Rocksteady Studios team in the Quality Assurance department. Initially, Stubbington included a gif of the DC Comics hero and villain lineup with his announcement but later changed it to a gif of Jonah Hill excitedly screaming. The original tweet was live just long enough to have fans speculating.

It could just be a coincidence, but the choice of DC Comics has plenty speculating that Stubbington is hinting at what Rocksteady is working on next. And the fact he changed the tweet is only going to further those rumors. Not that any new info was necessary to have fans thinking a DC Comics follow-up is in Rocksteady’s future.

Ever since Rocksteady Studios completed Batman Arkham Knight, there has been speculation that the developer would return to the world of DC Comics, albeit in a different form. First there were rumors and speculation that Rocksteady was working on an open world Superman game, similar to the Batman games but with more freedom of movement. However, additional sources shut down the Superman game rumors.

Then, rumors and speculation suggested that Rocksteady was working on a Justice League game. And once again other reports shut down those rumors, although not completely.

And then most recently, there was a rumor that Rocksteady’s project is a Suicide Squad game. It was the most unexpected of the candidates for Rocksteady’s next game, but it also seemed the most believable, if only because Suicide Squad has jumped in the limelight thanks to its film projects.

All that is to say Rocksteady Studios is strongly expected to be working on another game within the DC Comics universe. And Eddie Stubbington’s tweet further adds fuel to the fire. Perhaps fans will hear more about what Rocksteady Studios is working on during E3 2019 next month.

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