Superman’s debut among $10 million in comics offered at auction – Chicago Sun

Chicagoans with a few hundred thousand dollars to spend on a comic book are in luck this week. A live event at Heritage Auctions, 215 W. Ohio St., will feature roughly $10 million in vintage comics, comic art and memorabilia. Among the 1,686 lots is DC’s Action Comics No. 1 — the 1938 comic that […]

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Father and son have unfinished dino-business in this Superman Special exclusive

Image: DC Comics One of the high points of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s run on Superman is their “Return To Dinosaur Island” two-parter, which pays tribute to the late, great Darwyn Cooke by sending Superman and Superboy to Dinosaur Island. The story builds on plot points from Cooke’s classic DC: The New Frontier […]

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As ‘Action Comics’ reaches No. 1000, here are 7 fun facts about Superman’s series

Superman first appeared in “Action Comics” No. 1 in 1938. And now, 80 years and 999 issues later, “Action Comics” No. 1,000 has arrived. That’s a lot of action! DC Comics celebrated by expanding “Action Comics” No. 1,000 to 80 pages (available now), featuring 10 covers and 10 stories by an all-star lineup of writers […]

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GOD SQUAD: At 80, what Superman can teach about our struggle against evil

I love comic books. I was born in 1947 and they were my chosen form of fantasy escape. I still marvel (sorry for the pun) at the infinitely greater power of computer-generated imagery to affect me sitting in the movies compared to the meager colored drawings on pulpy paper that had to fulfill my imagination […]

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Brian Michael Bendis Talks Writing Superman Comics

Award winning fan favourite comic writer, Brian Michael Bendis, is the new writer for Superman which celebrates the 1000th issue of the DC Comic this month. He speaks to Rod Quinn about Superman, Clark Kent, his past and Bendis’ wish to write a character he felt a connection to. From:

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Action Comics #1000 gets a Superman sized deluxe edition

In 1938, the first issue of Action Comics featured the debut appearance of Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster’s Superman. That comic reached a once-in-a-lifetime mark last month with the release of Action Comics #1000. On the red-booted heels of the issue’s success, later this year, DC will reprint Action Comics #1000 as a deluxe […]

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Superman’s Secret Identity Revealed in Action Comics Special

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Action Comics Special – What if Superman‘s most dangerous enemy discovered his secret identity? That’s the question asked in DC’s Action Comics Special, bringing the Man of Steel to face a terrifying threat: an unknown foe who knows his every secret. In the modern DC Comics universe, that means Clark Kent isn’t […]

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Lois Lane Just Explained the Point of the White House Correspondents Dinner

Just days after comedian Michelle Wolf killed it at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she’s being followed by Superman. In an unbelievable coincidence of timing, the upcoming issue of Action Comics Special #1, out Wednesday from DC Comics, involves Clark Kent giving a speech at the dinner infamous for using comedy to mask the tense […]

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Can this Portland man save Superman?

In March 2017, DC Entertainment, the arm of Warner Bros. that controls the commercial rights to the comic-book icons Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, among other superheroes, decided it was time to brag about its newest hire. It had earlier lured away Brian Michael Bendis from rival Marvel, snagging the writer who for nearly two […]

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Celebrating 80 Years of Superman

His broad chest is emblazoned with a big S, his huge red cape billowing in the air as he picks up a car and smashes it against a tree. The assembled bad guys are dazed, cowering in fright. As introductions go, it doesn’t get much more heroic and more famous than the first-ever sighting of […]

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