DC Reveals Covers for Bendis’ First Six Man of Steel Stories – CBR

DC Comics has provided a first look at all six issues of Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel miniseries. The six colored covers by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado depict memorable moments from Superman’s history to create one long image. There’s Superman joining the Justice League, followed by a young Clark Kent discovering his spaceship and baby […]

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Why Superman Legend Dan Jurgens Put Lois Lane Front and Center on his ‘Action Comics’ #1000 Cover

Dan Jurgens, the writer/artist who was responsible for restoring Superman’s marriage after it had been removed from continuity, will prominently feature Lois Lane on his variant cover for Action Comics #1000, which comes out in April. After receiving some thanks from fans of Lois on Twitter, he explained why he chose to put her front […]

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Erin Narey: Wakanda Forever

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‘Action Comics’ #1000 Variant Covers Revealed – ComicBook.com

DC has revealed first looks at the 7 out of the 8 upcoming variant covers commissioned from comics superstars, each of which will celebrate a decade in the life of Superman as Action Comics reaches 1,000 issues in April. The covers, some of which feature period-accurate creators and/or trade dress, will ship with the oversized […]

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Superman is finally getting his red underwear back

Truth, justice and the way of the fist. I don’t care what anyone says, as Superman is still one of the greatest comic book characters when placed in the right hands. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the original man of steel a successor from the far-flung future or another version from an alternate reality, […]

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DC Comics’ Newest Writer Is Poised To Make Superman Jewish Again

(JTA) — DC Comics’ newest writer says that the choices he has made for his new Superman series are “deeply connected to [the character’s] origins.” And those origins are very Jewish. Brian Michael Bendis, who recently jumped ship from Marvel to DC Comics, will start drawing new comic books with the iconic superhero in May. He […]

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A Superman Era Comes to an End in May | Den of Geek

It’s rare that I get to say things like this, but it’s actually a good time to be a Superman fan. Between Supergirl on my TV screen every Monday and two Superman-focused TV series (Krypton and Metropolis) in the works, that satisfies my Kryptonian screen needs. Hell, they even got Supes right in that Justice […]

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DC Comics’ newest writer is poised to make Superman Jewish again

JTA — DC Comics’ newest writer says that the choices he has made for his new Superman series are “deeply connected to [the character’s] origins.” And those origins are very Jewish. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up Brian Michael Bendis, who recently jumped […]

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‘Rebirth’ Superman Creators Bid Farewell to the Man of Steel in May One-Shots

Action Comics writer Dan Jurgens and Superman writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason will have one final hurrah with the Man of Steel in May, when a pair of one-shots represent their swan songs with the character. The veteran creators launched best-selling and critically-acclaimed runs on the Superman titles almost two years ago, bringing […]

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Review – Superman: Action Comics #997: Planet Zod

Owner/Publisher, Editor-at-Large Ken Denmead Editor-in-Chief Matt Blum Managing Editor Z Senior Editors Jonathan H. Liu, Jenny Bristol, Corrina Lawson, Patricia Vollmer Gaming Editor Dave Banks Associate Publishers* Tim Johnides, Jeff Williams, Dante Lauretta, Magnus Dahlsröm, Jayson Peters, David Michael, Gerry Tolbert, Andrew Smith, Ray Wehrs, Joel Becker, Scott Gaeta, Beth Kee, Joey Mills, talkie_tim, Danny […]

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