[SPOILER]’s Rebirth in Action Comics #979 will Rain Hell on Superman

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Action Comics #978, by Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher, on sale now. Superman’s life is a little complicated right now. His and Lois Lane’s pre-Flashpoint and New 52 versions merged after a confrontation with Mr. Mxyzptlk during the Reborn storyline, and his past is currently a […]

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Superman Comics: DC Rebirth’s Biggest Beneficiary? (Action Comics #979)

Rebirth did many things for the publishers characters and universe. It completely revamped almost all of DC’s line of comic books. Of all the changes, none have been more significant and warranted than the course correction for the “Man Of Steel.” Have Superman comics been the biggest beneficiary of DC Rebirth? ***SPOILERS LIE AHEAD*** With Action […]

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10 Essential Superman Comics You Need To Read

Created by two high school students in 1933, Superman has shaped the world of comic books forever. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s creation has become the world’s most iconic superhero. While everyone might not be a fan of the New 52 Superman (he dropped his undies, changed his attitude and dumped Lois for Wonder Woman) […]

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10 Times Superman Was Forced To Kill

Superman doesn’t kill. It’s a truism almost as old and well known as the Man Of Steel himself, who by last count was something approaching 77 years old and in no danger of losing his popularity, with his last big screen outing netting a cool $872.7m at the box office. It’s one of the key […]

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Major Part of Superman’s Origin Retooled to Match the Donner Movies

Two weeks ago, Action Comics #977 saw a none-too-subtle reference to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns — and in a preview for this week’s issue, it looks like writer Dan Jurgens and artist Carlo Barberi will be headed back to the big screen again for a tweak to Superman’s origin that will sync the character up with Richard […]

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Hope Isn’t Enough to Save the World: Superman in the 21st Century

The most popular kind of Superman story these days seems to be one where Superman is corrupted, violent and cynical. A story wherein he fails his never-ending battle and spends most of his time moping about his lack of relevance in an increasingly cold world. Grant Morrison once summarized the Superman character in two words: […]

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Superman Just Rebooted DC’s Entire Universe | Screen Rant

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Action Comics #978 – From the moment the New 52 Superman returned to life, it was clear the DC Universe was only big enough for one Man of Steel. The answer was to merge the classic and new versions of Superman into a new hero, and now that Clark Kent has […]

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Superman Artist Doug Mahnke To Revisit His Most Famous Story

Superman artist Doug Mahnke will be one of a number of creators chipping in on the title’s twenty-fifth issue in June — one that looks like it will serve as a spiritual sequel to the best-loved Superman story of Mahnke’s career. (Photo: DC Entertainment) In Superman right now, a number of characters seem to be operating under […]

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SUPERMAN Is A ‘New Person’ After ‘Reborn’ According To ACTION …

Credit: DC Comics Credit: DC Comics As writer of the twice-monthly series Action Comics, Dan Jurgens thinks of the current, post-“Reborn” Superman as a “new person,” one formed from the history of both “New 52” Superman and post-Crisis Superman. As “Superman Reborn” revealed, someone messed with Superman in the past and split him into two, […]

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Page 1 – 10 Essential Superman Comics You Need to Read| Heroic …

Popular Stories From: http://heroichollywood.com/10-essential-superman-comics-need-read/

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