Superman and Booster Gold Take on the Son of General Zod

Dan Jurgens writes good Superman comics. This isn’t really a revelation. It’s not like there was any particular issue over the last 25-odd years that made comics fandom all jump up at the same time and shout “HOLY HELL THAT WAS INCREDIBLE” (though if this were a “Dan Jurgens draws good Superman comics” conversation, I […]

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Did Superman Lose His Red Trunks Because of a Lawsuit? | CBR

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the six hundred and sixty-third week where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false. NOTE: Here is a bonus Comic Book Legends Revealed that I did for Martin Luther King Day about how a MLK comic book inspired an iconic civil rights […]

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Action Comics #1000 tie-in book will feature a lost story from original Superman creators

To celebrate the 1,000th issue of Action Comics — the title that first introduced the world to Superman — DC is releasing a harcover tie-in book: Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman. The comic book itself, Action Comics #1000, will hit shelves on April 18 and is the first title to ever reach to reach the 1,000-issue […]

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A Lost Superman Comic by His Original Creators Will Finally Be Released

A missing chapter in Superman’s long history will finally be told. This April, when DC publishes the landmark 1,000th issue of Action Comics, a separate 384-page hardcover tome will contain a previously unpublished Superman comic from the Man of Steel’s original creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. On Tuesday, DC announced Action Comics 1000: 80 […]

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DC Comics Just Published the Perfect Superman Story

A couple of days ago, a friend texted me. “Have you read Superman #39?” She’s a fan of superhero comics, but is not a regular reader. However, she was moved by the one-off story about the Man of Steel taking some cancer-stricken kids on the adventure of a lifetime. No doubt, she also remembered the […]

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Superman is getting his classic red trunks back for Action Comics … – Batman

View Full Size The comics ditched Superman’s classic red trunks in 2011 and Zack Snyder followed suit in 2013 with Man of Steel. But now after a seven year absence, they’re coming back! Superman made his first comic book appearance in Action Comics #1 back in 1938, and to celebrate the release of Action Comics […]

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Superman’s Red Trunks Return in Action Comics #1000

Superman’s iconic red trunks have been missing for seven years, but they will be making their grand return on April 18 for the landmark Action Comics #1000 from DC Comics. Take a look: Art by Jim Lee. (DC Comics) The trunks, which were originally intended to evoke a 1930s circus strongman, disappeared when Superman’s look […]

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Superman will find his red underwear in Action Comics #1000

DC Comics has a big milestone coming up. In fact, it’s so big that it’s kind of a milestone for the entire American comics industry — maybe even the entire American entertainment industry, at this point. The one thousandth issue of Action Comics, the first issue of which introduced the world to Superman, the first […]

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‘The Flash’ Might Be Teasing an Evil, Extremely Powerful Superman …

In the mid-season premiere of The Flash, the show name-dropped one of the most dangerous Earths in the DC multiverse: Earth-15. In the comics, that’s where a psychotic, evil, and ultra-powerful version of Superman destroyed the planet. And you thought Nazi Earth-X from the crossover was scary. Spoilers follow for “The Trial of The Flash.” […]

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The Flash just name-dropped Earth-15. Here’s what that could mean for the Arrowverse

The latest episode of The CW’s The Flash, “The Trial of the Flash,” was largely about, well, the trial of the Flash. But there was also a metahuman subplot involving Fallout, a meta who is a walking nuclear bomb. While the resolution of that B-plot — wherein Barry funnels Fallout’s radiation upward so Cisco can vibe it […]

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