Austin author is new Superman writer

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Tens of millions have read the Superman comic books since America’s first superhero emerged in 1938. Few have been chosen to write them. Now Austin author Chris Roberson has been tapped by D.C. Comics to write the new editions of the Man of Steel. Roberson calls it his dream job and said […]

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Writer Chris Roberson talks Superman

With his first issue hitting the stands last week, local writer Chris Roberson talks with KXAN about his new job. He(Chris) worked for Dell as an engineer before quitting 7 years ago to become an author. A year and a half ago he started writing comics, and now works for DC as the writer of […]

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Theater veteran G. William Zorn wins Mark Twain Prize for Comic Playwrighting

East Peoria Community High School graduate and former local community theater veteran G. William Zorn isn’t on the same level as Tina Fey by a long shot. But you could say he’s had his brush with the big time. That’s because in 2010 the Kennedy Center recognized both Tina Fey and Zorn for achievements in […]

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There’s always someone right by superheroes’ side

 Enlarge 20th Century Fox via AP Robin’s role as a sidekick was to make Batman seem less dark and isolated. It’s a familiar trope, the superhero-plus-sidekick, and no accident, say academics who study comic heroes. Nearly every superhero of the comics (except, significantly, the very first one, Superman) and most of the heroes of world […]

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DC Universe Online launches on PC and PS3

Charleston Change city From:

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DC Universe Internet Game Hits Stores

DC Universe Online will also be available throughout Europe and other international territories the same week with the official launch in the UK and Ireland on January 14, 2011, and across Europe, Asia and Africa on January 12, 2011 with Italy launching on January 19, 2011. DC Universe Online will ship in Australia on January […]

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DC Universe on D2D

Sony Online Entertainment’s highly anticipated MMORPG, DC Universe Online, is now available for PC download at Direct2Drive. Experience the visions of legendary comic book artist Jim Lee, and writers Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, in an epic struggle between good and evil. Enter the world of DC Comics online and choose your allegiances! Team up […]

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Zadzooks: Star Wars Blood Ties & Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

This chronic feature lets me review what recently has passed my bloodshot eyes. So pull up a chair, break out the sarcasm filter and welcome to Mr. Zad’s comic critique. Superman vs. Muhammad Ali: Facsimile Edition, oversized hardcover graphic novel (DC Comics, $39.99)  The cost of admission was $2.50 back in 1978 to see “The […]

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Shazam! The Golden Age of the World’s Mightiest Mortal

‘SHAZAM!!’ Skip to next paragraph External Links That’s the word young Billy Baston has to say to be transformed by a magic lightning bolt into the world’s mightiest mortal (and an grown-up too, I might add) Captain Marvel! As Captain Marvel, young Billy has the powers of – Solomon – wisdom Hercules – strength Atlas […]

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Ask Chris #39: Superman, Continuity, and You

Here at ComicsAlliance, we value our readership and are always open to what the masses of Internet readers have to say. That’s why we’ve given Senior Writer Chris Sims the punishment pleasure of stepping into the grand tradition of the Answer Man as he responds to your reader questions. Q: Are there any great Superman […]

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