Comic book store says Superman “blasphemous”

Action Comics #1 has one store owner angry. A comic book store owner in North Carolina has said he will not sell Action Comics after alleging the Man of Steel is anti-God and blasphemous. Jeff Lamb, an owner in Asheboro, wrote on his store’s Facebook page that he plans to boycott Action Comics for the […]

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Stolen ‘Superman’ comics retrieved; fellow fans reach out to theft victim

GRANITE CITY, Ill. — In the end, things played out the way they do in the “Superman” comic books. Good conquered evil. Justice prevailed. A tale of the vulnerable being victimized spawned a chain of goodwill that spread not only across the country, but the world. Mike Meyer, who lives off Social Security checks for […]

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DC Comics Offers Digital Comics Same Day as Print

<!– –> <!– –> DC Comics, home to popular series such as Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, is offering digital editions of new comic books the same day as print editions hit retail – a move that has yet to be adopted by the comics publishing industry in general, even as digital versions are sometimes […]

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XVII: DC Comics New 52 – The First Week Continued

Over the entirety of the month of September, DC Comics, publishers of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and a slew of other characters, some widely known and others that are not so known, will be publishing 52 brand new issue #1s. In these efforts, they hope to reach out to a brand […]

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Pipeline: DC’s New 52 – The First Batch

By now, you’ve read a lot of reviews of the first 13 titles of DC Comics’ New 52. Another batch hits store shelves and digital devices tomorrow, but let’s take one last look at many of those titles today. I won’t go through full reviews of each, but I’ll be looking at random things from […]

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EXCHANGE: Comic fans help Granite City man

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Should comic books emulate the TV biz? Plus: More reviews of ‘The New 52’

Image Credit: DC Comics Pop culture in September. A month of beginnings and renewal. A time when a certain sector of entertainment expends much marketing energy to not just psyche up the public about its products but get them excited about the very medium that delivers those products. We’re talking TV, of course, and the […]

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Action Comics #1

Action Comics #1 Written by Grant MorrisonArt by Rags Morales After what I would consider a lackluster first showing in Justice League #1, the second week of DC’s New 52 had a lot of ground to cover from my perspective, as a comic reader, and as a person holding out hope that this massive overhaul […]

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Superfriends rally to help collector whose Superman collection was stolen

But that isn’t stopping the Superfriends of Metropolis. Their TroublAlert went off when a member posted on Facebook about Meyer’s misfortune, and they’re assembling to help. The Superfriends are a Superman fan club drawn together from across the country, friends who meet at the Metropolis, Ill., Superman Festival every year. Now the Superfriends are arranging […]

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PaulRom Reviews: Detective Comics #1/Action Comics #1

Warning: the following reviews contain some spoilers. If you want to know nothing about the comics until you read them, skip to the last paragraphs. Last week, DC Comics defied naysayers with the release of Justice League #1, the first of 52 issues relaunching all of DC’s titles. This week, more issues were released, such […]

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