Authors: New comic books full of sex, violence

TEMPE, Ariz. – There’s something for parents to watch out for. Some comic book authors are worried about what kids might see while reading new stories of their favorite super heroes. DC Comics is targeting a more mature audience with its re-launch of comics like “Superman.” Some say the new comics have more sex. One […]

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Alan Moore vs. DC Comics: The Story Behind The “Unpleasentness”

In the 1980?s Alan Moore was one of DC Comics most important writers, crafting immensely interesting and enduring takes on Superman and Batman, reviving the character of Swamp Thing (helping to create the character of John Constantine), and writing what is considered to be the greatest graphic novel of all time, Watchmen. So why in […]

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Get Drawn To Comics, Cartoons, Culture

Comic art today is considered just that—art. It’s known to the scholars as “sequential art.” And it’s highly valued. The materials that were used to create cartoons, either in storyboard, production painting or animation cel form fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars in a collectors’ market. But those materials haven’t always been saved. They were […]

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Artist Nicola Scott to Draw Three Issues of DC Comics’ ‘Superman’ [Preview]

Best known for her work on Birds of Prey, Teen Titans and Secret Six, artist Nicola Scott will draw DC Comics’ Superman title for three issues, filling in for artists George Pérez and Jesus Merino. While Pérez’s always lovely work will be missed, Scott is a fan-favorite artist whose absence from the New 52 line […]

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Hidden Gems of Comics: SUPERMAN: EMPEROR JOKER

Our story begins with another typical night in Gotham City. The world’s greatest hero, Bizarro, is patrolling the city. The worlds greatest villain, Superman, has yet again escaped from his cell in Arkham Asylum. Bald billionaire Lois Lane watches over the city from her LaneCorp headquarters………Yes, I was confused too. Masterminded by, amongst others, Jeph […]

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‘Noel’ takes ‘Christmas Carol’ under Batman’s wing

Now it’s Batman’s turn. In Lee Bermejo’s graphic novel Batman: Noël, the Caped Crusader takes center stage in a superheroic take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The holiday-themed tome comes out Wednesday in comic shops and in bookstores Nov. 8. MORE: Check out an exclusive preview of Batman: Noël In Noël, Bob is a […]

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Book Review: The Boy Who Loved Batman: A Memoir by Michael Uslan

About two weeks ago the newest Batman video game, Arkham City, was released. There were about 25 people at our local GameStop for the midnight release, not a terrible showing for our small town. Its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, received perfect ratings and great reviews. Arkham City has ‘game of the year’ buzz surrounding it. In […]

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Henry Cavill Talking About Superman

  I transcribed the audio. I have made a concerted effort to focus purely on the source material, which is the comic. I personally believe to focus too much on other people’s interpretation of the source material is going to detract from my performance and my interpretation. It’s a wonderful opportunity and there is so […]

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Friday Trending Topics: John Byrne, Jim Shooter, And Superman

There’s something about a good origin story that just never gets old — even as it gets revamped and retold, and passed down through generations as one of the clearest examples of comics as mythology.  It’s pretty interesting to hear about what goes on behind the scenes of those retelling as well… Most-Read Comic Stories […]

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Warner Bros. scores a win in ongoing Superman lawsuit

<!– no comments –>  permalink IMAGE: “Action Comics,” DC, 1938. For almost as long as DC Comics has been raking in money with the world’s most iconic superhero, the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and their heirs have been fighting for the proper credit and compensation. While Warner Bros., the parent company […]

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