Collection of nearly 2000 comics set for display

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Batman and Superman will have a new temporary home at the University of Louisville’s Ekstrom Library. The two superheros, along with a host of other comic characters, will be on display as part of a collection of nearly 2,000 vintage comic books in the Rare Books Gallery at the library. The […]

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Why do we care if Perry White is black?

Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Marvel/AP Images Perry White and Spider-Man are both black now. Well, kind of. Laurence Fishburne will play the editor of the Daily Planet in the 2013 Superman reboot, and a mixed-race teenager named Miles Morales is taking over webslinging duties in Marvel’s “Ultimate” universe. Now, you could argue that these changes […]

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Henry Cavill Reveals Which Superman Comics Are Preparing Him For Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill was at SDCC last week(or was that two weeks ago now?) speaking about his latest movie Tarsem’s Immortals, and showing off his newly dyed black Superman do. So off course a few questions were leveled at the young actor about stepping into the boots and cape of The Man Of Steel in Zack […]

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August 2, 2011: Superman Comics Shipping This Week

Diamond Comics has released the list of comic books and other items shipping this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list… Shipping This Week: August 3, 2011. The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please […]

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On-screen Superhero Categories Coming Soon

More Related Stories email article print page <![CDATA[ ]]> By Erik Sofge All of the top superheroes have had their shot at big-screen success. DC Comics’ Batman has six blockbusters under his utility belt. Superman has five. Spider-Man survived three. And Marvel Comics’ X-Men have collectively appeared in five. The most recent, X-Men First Class, […]

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COMICS: Four Pages From Superman #1 And The Flash #1 Revealed!

Bleeding Cool has uncovered two pages a piece from The Flash #1 and Superman #1, both of which are a part of the relaunch that will begin in early September (except for Justice League #1, which will be available in later August). While we have yet to see the colored versions, check them out below… […]

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Superman Returns and Other Comic Book Film Adaptations That Sucked

Flickr Just when Harry Potter thought he was going to reign, when nothing could outdo his finest spells and ghastly encounters, Captain America crashed into his moment of grandeur, sending his epic, final film spiraling downward in a battle at the box office. That’s right: the puny, outdated action hero who miraculously turns into a Calvin […]

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Judge Rules for Marvel in Comics Dispute

BY CHAD BRAY Marvel Entertainment LLC, not the heirs to legendary comic-book artist Jack Kirby, own the rights to more than a dozen of the company’s iconic characters, including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and Iron Man, a federal judge ruled on Thursday. Two years ago, Mr. Kirby’s four children served legal notices to Marvel, indicating […]

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We Can Be Heroes: Talking ‘Supergods’ with Grant Morrison

Print Email Discuss Share Feeds “If this book has made any point clear, I hope it’s that things don’t have to be real to be true. Or vice versa.” – Grant Morrison Ask any 12-year-old and he or she will tell you. Becoming a superhero isn’t easy. Superman had to give up his home planet. […]

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Comic Book Heroes: A conversation between Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison

Image Credit: Kimberly Butler; Allan Amato Sometime in the late 1980s, the British invaded and changed comic books forever. Superman may stand for the American way — at least most of the time — but it took Scotsman Grant Morrison to write one of the best modern interpretations of the Man of Steel with All-Star […]

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