DC COMICS SUCK!!- Sincerely, a DC comics fan.

HELLO!! My name is Alex and this is my first post. I have always been a devout dc fan. Marvel comics are good in their own right but DC comics are the older and more iconic comic book company. Dc comics created the superhero with superman in 1938 and started the golden age of comics. […]

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Comics: Neal Adams overview illustrates his lasting impact

Neal Adams changed how comic books were drawn in America. I remember the first time I saw his artwork. It was in the late 1960s, and I was familiar with the major artists at the bigger companies, the A-listers all the B-listers were copying. Jack Kirby was “The King,” and set the pace at Marvel […]

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How Superman Should Be Portrayed

Since the news of Superman being rebooted in 2008, I was excited to know that someone else would be portraying Superman and bringing something fresh to table leaning toward the Superman we know and love in the comics. I love Christopher Reeve’s performance as Superman and always will to the grave but I feel that […]

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The casting so far for Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’

So far, I’ve got to say, I am in LOVE with the casting decisions made thus far by director Zack Snyder for the upcoming Superman reboot. All the roles seem to be filled with A-list celebrities, academy-award winners and just all-around good 90’s veteran stars. I mean so far we’ve got- Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, […]

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DC Comics Relaunch: Flashpoint’s Project Superman IS Stormwatch’s Apollo …

At the beginning of the weekend we were speculating on who Project Superman was, but by the end of the weekend we knew. The cover to Project Superman #3 pretty much confirms that the Project Superman mini-series leads up to a Kal-el versus Apollo crescendo. Click on the cover to August’s issue #3 on the […]

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All things Superman celebrated in Metropolis, Ill.

METROPOLIS, Ill. – When there’s an ice cream social in Superman’s hometown, the flavors of superheroes can outnumber the flavors of ice cream. Superman’s fictional city of residence in comic books, film and television is, of course, Metropolis. Can you blame a real-life city – Metropolis, Ill. – for cashing in on the connection? Metropolis, […]

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Holy Internet, Batman!

“Once one of my customers buys a comic online, then DC Comics has them forever,’’ Howley said. “They don’t need me. They have no interest in keeping people like us in the middle. This really is, in the long run, cutting our own throat.’’ That’s Entertainment also offers video games, toys, and other collectibles, but […]

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DC cancels Supermans team-up with Muslim superhero

(AP photo) For months, DC Comics had been talking up “Superman No. 712? as an exciting new adventure in which the Man of Steel teams up with a new Muslim superhero, Sharif. Yet when the issue hit newsstands Wednesday, the story was gone, replaced by some “lost classic” written in 2006 but never published. Instead […]

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Superman Controvery: Muslim Superhero Replaced With Dog Story

By: scott-johnson  Tweet Even when DC Comics tries to avoid controversy with Superman, they wind up just creating more Superman controversy. Back in Action Comics #900, DC Comics published a backup story where Superman threatened to renounce his U.S. citizenship, and many outraged fans thought DC had gone too far in publishing that story. Now, […]

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DC Continues To Show That It’s The Reigning Champion Of The Gimmick Comic

Ok, so DC announced at the end of May that they are going to essentially revamp their entire line of comics in order to, “give new readers a precise entry point into our titles.” I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. At first I was completely against it. And now? I’m completely against […]

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