Why Brian Michael Bendis’ switch from Marvel to DC is such a big deal

Brian Michael Bendis, a 20-year Marvel veteran, will join DC Comics, the publisher announced today. Not only will Bendis be writing DC Comics characters for nearly the first time, he’ll be writing them exclusively, breaking ties with Marvel Comics. So Bendis’ move is surprising: Usually, when DC or Marvel announce exclusivity agreements, they’re with writers […]

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Henry Cavill teases Superman’s black suit, Clark Kent’s possible storyline for Justice League

Having played Superman since 2013’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill is a savvy a veteran of the never-ending comic book movie press inquisition. As such, he’s well-versed at being able to avoid spoilers, while at the same time dropping just enough hints to keep the online theories swirling as to Supes’ DCEU meanderings. And Cavill’s […]

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Comic relief: Dover man finds comfort in massive collection

Don Shano remembers fondly when his passion for comic books began.  He was a young boy, growing up in the west end of downtown St. John’s in the 1940s. He says every time he would get 10 or 15 cents, he would run to the store just down the road.  “I used to go to Tommy Ricketts. He […]

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Mike Kelley’s Superman moment: ‘Kandors’ at Hauser & Wirth

Literary inspirations for art are common. Tiepolo, Delacroix and Ingres had the 16th-century epic poem “Orlando furioso.” The anonymous sculptors of India’s Khajuraho temples had the Kama Sutra. Barnett Newman had Ezra Pound. In Los Angeles, Mike Kelley (1954-2012) had “Superman,” the heroic adventure rolled out by DC Comics in the 1930s, just as the […]

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SUPERMAN Henry Cavill Says DC Films Didn’t Work Until WONDER WOMAN

Warner Brothers and DC Comics‘ quest to form a viable cinematic universe over the past few years hasn’t exactly been a smooth road. Starting with Man of Steel in 2013—which officially began the DC Cinematic universe (and not the “DC Extended Universe,” as we’ve recently learned)—the films have a much grittier, darker tone than the massively […]

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Actors You Forgot Were In A Superman Movie | CBR

Almost immediately following his debut in Action Comics, they started making Superman movies; beginning with George Reeves in the old serials, through Christopher Reeve’s four-film stint, Brandon Routh’s appearance, and Henry Cavill’s most recent turn (and presumably return, after Justice League), there are no shortage of Superman movies. While more relatively stable in tone and production than, say, the […]

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Justice League: all the updates, trailers and commentary on DC’s superhero team-up film

After years of work, DC and Warner Bros. are finally bringing their stable of superheroes together. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Wonder Woman have all helped introduce DC’s cinematic universe, with Justice League bringing them together to fend off a new enemy that threatens Earth. While we’ve already been introduced […]

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Supergirl accomplished in one episode what Batman V Superman couldn’t in three hours

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW [Spoilers for last night’s episode of Supergirl follow.] The idea that Kryptonians are basically gods among men is nothing new for Superman. The comics have returned time and again to the idea that someone who possesses the powers of a Superman or Supergirl would inevitably be worshipped as higher beings, the […]

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‘Supergirl’: "The Faithful" Reflects ‘Superman: The Power Within’

(Photo: Warner Bros. TV/The CW) While there are plenty of stories about Kryptonian religion and cults, none feels quite so familiar to fans watching tonight’s Supergirl than “The Power Within,” Roger Stern and Curt Swan’s story told in two-page increments for a year of Action Comics Weekly. After nearly 50 years of being the lead […]

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‘Justice League’ Trailer Teases Mera’s Powers—And Everything Else We Know About the DC Superheroes

With the Justice League premiere just weeks away, fans are finally getting a closer look at just how the D.C. Comics’ superheroes will use their powers to (hopefully) destroy supervillain Steppenwolf. A short clip released Wednesday, just 30-seconds long, shows Cyborg (Ray Fisher) teaming up with the Flash (Ezra Miller) to take down Steppenwolf’s (Ciarán Hinds) minions while Aquaman […]

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