Fan Expo 2017 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Superman In Action …

Fan Expo 2017 and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Superman In Action Comics #989 follows. During Fan Expo 2017 week, DC Comics revealed the final cover to Action Comics #989 which is part 3 of the 4 part The Oz Effect that will see Mr. Oz’s identity exposed. It all begins in Action Comics #987… […]

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Ranking all 8 Superman movies from worst to best

Yep, we went there. Arguably the most divisive superhero movie ever made, Man of Steel is experimental, creative and brave. From the thrilling opening – the greatest cinematic representation of Krypton ever filmed – to the goosebump-inducing final scene (“Welcome to the planet” indeed) Man of Steel gets so, so, so much right. Unfortunately for […]

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Best Shots Rapid Fire Reviews: ASTONISHING X-MEN #3, SUPERMAN #30, VENOMVERSE #1, STAR WARS …

Credit: IDW Publishing Greetings, ‘Rama readers — ready for your Thursday pellets? Best Shots has your back with this week’s Rapid-Fire Reviews! Let’s kick off today’s column with Jocular Joey Edsall, who takes a look at this week’s Astonishing X-Men… Credit: Marvel Comics Astonishing X-Men #3 (Published by Marvel Comics; Review by Joey Edsall; ‘Rama […]

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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Is Superman #30 A Dark …

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Superman #30 follows. Sinestro vs. Parallax, the yellow fear entity, with Superman caught in the middle. The book opens Parallax in possession of Superman giving a soliloquy to Sinestro that catches readers up on what happened last issue. Sinestro is losing badly, but at his earlier planned command […]

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Is This Our First Look at Superman’s Black Suit From JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Warning: there are potential spoilers ahead for the Justice League movie. This is your only chance to turn back and remain unspoiled! While the marketing team behind Justice League has demonstrated remarkable restraint by not showing Superman‘s presence in the trailers, it’s not exactly a secret that Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel is coming back […]

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Fan Expo 2017 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Superman Comics …

Fan Expo 2017 and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follow for Superman. During Fan Expo 2017 week, DC Comics changed its solicitations for Superman comics ending September 2017 and starting October 2017. Instead of Imperious Lex we get Deathstroke! Check out the new solicitations. SUPERMAN #31 Written by JAMES BONNY Art by TYLER KIRKHAM Cover by […]

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Funko Adds Classic Superman, Batman, And More To NYCC …

New York Comic Con might still be a few months away, but Funko has just unveiled its newest exclusives tied to the event! Earlier today, Funko previewed a DC Comics-inspired wave of NYCC exclusives which are sure to excite fans of two of DC’s biggest heroes. Perhaps the most noteworthy collectible is the First Appearance […]

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This Is What Justice League’s Black Suit Superman Could Look Like

The Justice League Movie Gallery Gallery From:

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The Top 5 Best DC Comics To Adapt For Warner’s New ‘Elseworld’ Films

With the recent reports of Warner Bros.’ planned Joker origin film, and its status as a standalone one-shot release kicking off a new category of DC Comics adaptations unconnected to the larger DC shared cinematic universe of films, there’s been speculation about what other projects might arise under the new DC film “elseworld” banner. There’s […]

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Wonder Woman’s Take On Violence Separates Her From Batman & Superman

Superman, Detective Comics, and Batman — shares on the film’s special features how Diana’s (Gal Gadot) take on violence separates her from her Justice League colleagues Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill): “They all have very different relationships with violence. Batman is traumatized by violence to such an extent that he wants to control […]

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