Superman’s Son Debuted as Superboy This Week, and the Internet Has Noticed

(Photo: DC Entertainment) Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman (also known as Jonathan White and Jonathan Smith), appeared in costume for the first time this week, in the pages of Superman #2, and it seems to have caused quite a bit of confusion in the collector’s market. What, after all, is the first appearance of the new […]

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This DC Comics Hero Was Underused In The ‘Batman vs Superman’ Ultimate Edition

“I would say [to Superman] that my family too had dreams. To look him in his eye and ask him how he decides which lives count, and which do not.” From:

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Image: DC Comics

Each week, Big Issues focuses on a newly released comic book of significance. This week, it’s Superman #2. Written by Peter J. Tomasi (House Of Penance, Superman/Wonder Woman) and Patrick Gleason (Batman Robin, Robin: Son Of Batman) with art by Gleason, inks by Mick Gray (Batwoman, Robin: Son Of Batman), and colors by John Kalisz […]

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What DC Is Doing Right With the New Versions of Superman and Batman

Two simple changes have made DC Comics’ relaunched Superman and Batman books much more enjoyable. The Man of Steel’s always been a character who punches things to save the world, but he’s also been an aspirational avatar of compassion and altruism. Before DC’s Rebirth initiative kicked off two months ago, Superman was in the middle […]

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DC Reborn Review: SUPERMAN #2 enacts a perfect blend of action and sentimentality

Last month, DC Comics kicked off the start of its Rebirth initiative. After a wave of criticism surrounding the way they have treated their characters’ rich histories since 2011’s New 52 relaunch, DC has decided to rebrand. They hope that by restoring their characters’ pasts, they will restore readers’ faith in them as well.  Do […]

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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: DC Rebirth Month 2 Begins With Justice League Rebirth #1, Superman #2 & Batman #2 …

Month 2 of DC Comics Rebirth begins with another big one-shot in Justice League Rebirth #1 plus second issues of two DC Comics trinity in Superman #2 and Batman #2. Teaser interior pages and spoilers follow. Justice League Rebirth #1 spoilers. Superman #2 spoilers. Batman #2 spoilers. So do these preview pages for Justice League […]

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‘Batman v Superman’ kill count video measures the Dark Knight’s lethal methods

But where’s all the sore loser fanboys about enemy soldiers Iron Man fought killed? Or his extremis attackers? Or Nazi/Hydra that Captain America fought? Or the frost giants that Thor fought? Or the dark elves? Or the soldiers Hulk smashes? Or the Chitauri? Or any innocent bystanders from the New York or Sokovia invasions? Hypocrite […]

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The Mission: The Power of Superman, Beyond Death and Rebirth

“Laws won’t stop them. It’s what’s in their mind. There is good and there is evil, and it seems like evil is winning.” After being impressed by the top-selling “DC Universe: Rebirth” comic book published by DC Comics and produced by a stellar team of creators, I decided to engage the fan in me. I […]

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Spider-Man and Deadpool Mocked ‘Batman v Superman’ in the Latest Issue of Their Team-Up Comic

The rivalry between Marvel and DC is as old as the companies themselves. Sometimes it’s playful; sometimes it gets downright heated. In the latest issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool, the Cold War between comics’ “Big Two” went full fire emoji. First of all, yes Spider-Man and Deadpool are currently starring in an ongoing team-up series where they fight crime […]

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Comic-Con: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman Get Lego Mighty Micros Treatment (Exclusive)

Lego is expanding its Super Heroes Mighty Micros line with some new sets, one of which features the brick debut of DC villain Doomsday. The micro line is a tiny, some would say cute, version of well-known characters and their vehicles. Lego first tried a diminutive line with Star Wars Microfighters and this year moved […]

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