Evil Superman Rumored For Justice League Comic-Con Trailer – Cosmic Book News

From bad to worse to worst? I can’t imagine WB going this route for Superman myself – especially following the huge success of Wonder Woman, which was basically a Superman movie – but it’s being rumored that when Henry Cavill returns as Superman in the Justice League movie–he returns as evil (cue Dr. Evil pinky)! […]

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Does Superman #25 Turn a Major DC Character Into A Cow?

With the end of the “Black Dawn” storyline this week in Superman #25, the creative team of Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Doug Mahnke pitted Superman against Manchester Black, one of the most formidable villains created for him in the last 20 years — and the end result was nothing short of shocking. After […]

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Aquaman’s Hollywood-inspired comic book makeover also comes with a blockbuster story

Caption Close NOTE: Spoilers for “Aquaman” no. 25. The comic book Aquaman is ready for his Hollywood close-up. When a comic book character has a movie coming out, the live-action and comic book styles will mirror each other as much as they can. In the pages of DC Comics, Superman and Batman are now trunkless, […]

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Superman #25 review – Batman

Art by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez Superboy is under the control of Manchester Black! With the mastermind (and master plan) revealed, Superman and friends must stop Black and restore Jon’s will before things escalate further. But can they? Find out in an extra-sized Superman #25! A little muddled early on The first half of […]

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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Superman #25 Teases The …

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Superman #25 follows. The below is one of the best comic book covers, let alone Superman covers, I’ve seen in years. Bravo Ryan Sook! Superman #25 opens with Superboy, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, being controlled by Manchester Black. So it is Superboy Black vs. […]

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DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Superman #25 & Batman #25 Mark …

Superman and Batman, DC Comics Rebirth’s World’s Finest and two thirds of DC’s Trinity with Wonder Woman, reach milestone issues this week with Superman #25 and Batman #25. DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Superman #25 follows. Manchester Black attacks using Super Son Jon Kent as a weapon against Superman, Batman et al! SUPERMAN #25 Written […]

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DC Comics Rebirth & September 2017 Solicitations Spoilers: Mr. Oz …

DC Comics Rebirth and September 2017 Solicitations Spoilers follow. In addition to headlining a Detective Comics arc that sees Tim Drake / Red Robin seemingly escape Mr. Oz’s clutches (Batman solicitations spoilers here), Mr. Oz pulls double-duty and headlines a new Action Comics arc too starting in September 2017! Action Comics begins the Oz Effect […]

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Eisner Watch 2017: get a look at the original pitch for SUPERMAN …

In the week leading up to the 2017 Will Eisner Awards voting deadline this Friday, the Comics Beat will feature a series of “For Your Consideration” posts highlighting a number of the nominees as a celebration of their well-deserved acknowledgement. We’ll feature some never-before-seen behind the scenes content and some of the books’ gorgeous interiors. We encourage […]

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Now British Comic Stores To Get DC Comics’ Aquaman #25, Superman #25 And Harley Quinn #22 Late

This Wednesday will see the release of Batman #25. And, in Britain, Batman #24 – first and second prints, with complete Catwoman proposal, due to unexplained distribution delays. But it’s not just a one-off, it seems. British shops will also be getting a week delay on Aquaman #25, Superman #25 and Harley Quinn #22. Superman […]

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Comic books might hit the spot for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, here are a few comic-book related suggestions for and about fathers. Of course, the most important gift you can give your dad, if you can, is a bit of your time. Have a great day, dads, and those of you who can, give your dad a call, a hug, a high-five […]

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