Ten Reasons We Think CONNER KENT/SUPERBOY Will Return Soon

Credit: Francis Manapul (DC Comics) Credit: Mike McKone/Jeromy N. Cox/Marlo Alquiza (DC Comics) With all the talk this month about Conner Kent – the missing character whose name showed up in Detective Comics #966 – Newsarama started thinking about whether the character might be coming back into continuity. Dan DiDio, DC co-publisher, said fans would […]

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How DC’s Impossible ‘Doomsday Clock’ Became a Crazy Reality

In 1986, towards the end of the Cold War, DC Comics published Watchmen, the groundbreaking graphic novel about aging ex-superheroes who stumble upon a conspiracy on the eve of nuclear holocaust. Twenty-nine years and one movie later, DC is finally releasing a sequel, Doomsday Clock, in which the characters of Watchmen collide with the mainstream […]

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NYCC 2017 & DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Legacy Returns With Superman #800, Batman #800, Wonder Woman …

NYCC 2017 and DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers follows. During New York Comic Con 2017 (NYCC 2017) it was announced that artist Tony Daniel is working on DC Comics’ Legacy variant covers. Superman #34 is actually Superman #800. Wonder Woman #34 is Wonder Woman #700. The covers for Batman #35’s Batman #800 and Flash #39’s Flash […]

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A Superman/’Star Wars’ Comic Almost Happened – Comic Book

(Alex Ross) Comics Twitter can be an interesting place, and earlier today it revealed a secret that most fans probably never knew: Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, the creative team behind the best-selling Marvels miniseries, almost made a Superman/Star Wars crossover. The revelation came after comics artist Phil Hester suggested that fans should ask their […]

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Marvel v. DC Comics: The 50-Year Battle Between the Creators of …

It began as a playground argument for Reed Tucker, who can remember schoolyard battles over which was better, Marvel or DC Comics, or whether Hulk could whup Superman. But the idea for a book about the creators of his childhood heroes didn’t come until 2016, when Time Warner–owned DC Entertainment threatened to release its long-awaited superhero […]

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How Doomsday Clock & Death of Superman Fit Into DC’s Rebirth Continuity

Literally from Gary Frank’s very first panel, the upcoming Doomsday Clock invites comparisons between the world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen and DC’s main-line shared superhero universe. D-Clock (for obvious reasons, we can’t just abbreviate it DC) begins on November 22, 1992, some twenty-five years “ago”; but alludes rather pointedly to several 2017 […]

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ACTION COMICS #989 Brings Super-Family Into MR. OZ’s Sphere – SPOILERS

Credit: Dan Jurgens/Viktor Bogdanovic (DC Comics) Credit: Nick Bradshaw (DC Comics) Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #989. Action Comics #989 brings the rest of Superman’s family into Mr. Oz’s sphere of influence, ending with the possibility that Jonathan Kent Superboy might actually join forces with his long-thought-dead grandfather. The latest chapter in the “Oz Effect” […]

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A Missing DC Character Returns In DETECTIVE COMICS (But He’s From The Future) – SPOILERS

Credit: Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira/Adriano Lucas (DC Comics) Credit: Eddy Barrows/Eber Ferreira/Adriano Lucas (DC Comics) Spoilers ahead. The return of Wally West and the teased return of the Justice Society have heightened fan hopes for the return of another character – the post-Crisis version of Superboy, Kon-El/Conner Kent. A couple recent events have given the probability […]

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Will ‘Justice League’ Be Any Good? CGI-Heavy New Trailer Worries Fans

Justice League, the first live-action film to unite D.C. Comics’ biggest comic book heroes, has endured a long, difficult road to theaters. The film has been vastly rewritten and re-shot, and in May director Zack Snyder stepped down, handing the reins to Joss Whedon. If the film follows the examples set by D.C.’s prior films, Justice League stands to […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Superman Refuses to Abandon Earth in Action Comics #989

With Mr. Oz’s true identity revealed, he is pushing to convince the Man of Steel his efforts to provide hope and inspiration to the people of Earth have been wasted — that humanity is beyond saving. Therefore, Superman should abandon the planet and leave mankind to its never-ending cycle of chaos, violence and genocide. RELATED: […]

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