Geoff Johns: DC Comics Won’t Make Superman a Nazi

DC Comics president Geoff Johns says that there are no plans to turn Superman into a Nazi. When it comes to superheroes, there are arguably none more readily identified with America than Superman. As Superman’s vintage motto attests, Superman fights for truth, justice, and the American way, at least when he’s fighting for the side […]

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New Richard Donner Superman Story Coming in Action Comics …

Action Comics #1 was published in late February or Early March 1938 (don’t be fooled by that June cover date) and it is essentially ground zero for the superhero revolution as we know it. Without this first appearance of Superman we don’t get Batman a year later, or The Flash, or Captain America or any […]

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Geoff Johns Confirms DC Comics Won’t Turn Superman Into A Nazi

DC Comics fans know Geoff Johns quite well, and he’s quite respected in the comic book community. At his New York Comic Con Panel for Doomsday Clock and I was able to personally ask him a few questions. First, about the possibility of DC making a controversial change like Marvel did for Captain America, or […]

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For the love of comics – Lockport Union

Joe Dagustine thinks kids are pretty lucky these days. When he was younger, the 65-year-old Wheatfield resident didn’t have access to fancy toys or action figures so he clipped drawings of Superman, Batman and his other favorite super hero characters out of his comic books and used his imagination to keep himself entertained. “Right now, […]

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Superman Variant Cover Teases ‘Legacy’ Renumbering

A new variant cover by artist Tony S. Daniel for November’s Superman #34 teases a Legacy-style renumbering that would take the comic to triple-digits for its 800th issue. When DC Comics launched its Rebirth publishing initiative, it continued the majority of its series with the numbering that began with the New 52 in 2011, with the notable […]

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DC Movie News: New Justice League Details, Superman’s Pornstache and More

The day when we all find out exactly what the Justice League movie will look like is fast approaching. The film has had its share of trouble behind the scenes, but recent trailers have all looked really good. Already, it feels like a much more fun, optimistic affair than either Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. Now, a German […]

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Resurrection Superman Depicted in New Justice League Fan-Art

Probably one of the worst kept secrets in the history of superhero movies is the fact that Superman will be coming back to life in the upcoming Justice League movie. It was already pretty heavily foreshadowed even with the ending of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where rumblings at Superman’s grave indicated he was […]

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Comics icon Frank Miller on “Batman,” his career and Donald Trump

All I can say is that this president is an opportunity for cartoonists. The buffoons usually are. But this one has a particular range of exceptionally cartoony characteristics. With Trump’s obvious deficiencies, I can also see a great amount of hack work coming out of this too. But you could see also that Richard Nixon and […]

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In ‘Action Comics,’ Mr. Oz Continues To Explore Humanity’s Dark Side

Two weeks after Dan Jurgens and Victor Bogdanovic’s Action Comics #987 introduced a shocking new villain for Superman, this week’s #988 gave fans a sense of history and backstory to Mr. Oz, and explained how he got his scars, how he got to Earth, and what has made him so profoundly jaded about humanity.. Spoilers […]

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JUSTICE LEAGUE is Taking Over DC Comics’ Covers This November (Exclusive)

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