Comic-Con Panel Packed for Holocaust Survivor, Jewish-Created …

Share This Article: Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax, survivor of three Nazi concentration camps, speaks at Comic-Con. Photo by Chris Stone Nearly 75 years ago, Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax, a Jewish teen, was forced to stand nude six times for Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” at Auschwitz. She prayed someone would save her. Support Times of […]

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DC Comics receives a Guinness World Record for Action Comics

DC Comics definitely hit the ground running at San Diego Comic-Con. During its annual Press Breakfast, the publisher received the Guinness World Record for the longest-running superhero comic book series. The title that snagged the honor was none other than Action Comics — it recently celebrated issue #1000, which was a celebration of Superman’s 80th anniversary.  The certificate […]

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Henry Cavill Wants to Play Classic Comic Superman, Face-Off Against Brainiac

Henry Cavill may be on the press tour for his current film Mission: Impossible – Fallout, but his role as Superman in the DCEU is still a major topic of conversation, including what version of the iconic character he’d like to play and what villain he wants to face. In a conversation with Fandom, Cavill […]

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Shazam! on EW’s special Comic-Con cover: ‘It’s Superman meets …

Shazam! type Movie release date 04/05/19 performer Zachary Levi director David Sandberg Zachary Levi throws off the perfect Shazam! pitch: “It’s Superman meets Big!” declares the affable former Chuck star who’s squeezing into a skin-tight suit to play what’s perhaps the ultimate daydream-come-true superhero across all of comic book lore: An ordinary 14-year-old kid named […]

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Bendis Talks Superman’s [SPOILER], Batman’s Big Mystery & His DC Imprint

With Superman #1 now here, and Action Comics #1001 just over the horizon, a curated imprint in the works and a recently announced Batman project taking place in the Walmart-exclusive hundred page specials, the Rebirth-era DC Universe is about to get a major makeover at the hands of Brian Michael Bendis. The revolution has, in […]

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Now we know why Superman is wearing his underwear on the outside again

Brian Michael Bendis’ Man of Steel, a prelude to his imminent storylines in Action Comics and Superman, has been a story framed by mysteries. Who is the barbaric alien warrior, Rogol Zaar, who has suddenly appeared? Where are Superman’s wife and son, Lois Lane and Jon Kent, who seem to have disappeared? Next to those […]

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Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible Mustache Was Inspired By A Superman Villain

The character of Elias Orr, or simply Mr. Orr, is a mercenary who has gone to work for everybody from world governments to Lex Luthor. One has to assume that Cavill came across Elias Orr while reading comics to prep for his role as Superman. His background is mostly shrouded in mystery, but in the […]

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Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman: The Man of Steel, reviewed …

There was an element of shock when DC announced that Brian Michael Bendis was taking over Superman. Bendis had spent nearly two decades as the top writer at Marvel Comics, and, in all honesty, Superman wasn’t the obvious choice for him. While he’s certainly no stranger to the kind of cosmic superhero epics that readers […]

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Bendis Promises Lois & Jon Will Return to Superman Comics in ‘Big Bold Story’

While writer Brian Michael Bendis‘ run on Superman has seen the Man of Steel isolated from his wife and son, the writer assures fans the separation is only temporary. When a reader expressed dismay that the new DC writer had written Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent from his upcoming ongoing run as seen in the recently […]

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Henry Cavill Reveals He’d Like to Make a Film Based on DC’s … – CBR

Henry Cavill doesn’t seem anywhere near ready to put away the cape and tights, and the Man of Steel actor even has an idea which famous comic book storyline he would like to see adapted as a Superman film. Speaking with with Square Mile, Cavill discussed the possibility of doing a Man of Steel sequel, […]

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