Warner Bros.’ DC films are no longer trying to be Marvel, and that’s a good thing

Robert Downey Jr attends a photocall for 'Iron Man 3' at The Dorchester Hotel on April 17, 2013 in London, England.

<!– –> SEARCH QUOTES Entertainment It’s no secret that Warner Bros.’ DC movies have struggled to mimic the success of rival Marvel. While films about Superman and Batman have done well at the box office, the franchise has been no match for Marvel. As Marvel prepares to release the 22nd film in its cinematic universe, […]

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How a $4 million lawsuit created ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ as we know them today

The following is a transcript of the video. Despite its recent resurgence in the pop-culture landscape, superheroes and comic books have been with us for over 80 years, and just like its host of larger-than-life characters, the history of comic books is chock-full of wild stories. They’re sometimes more entertaining than the heroes themselves. It […]

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The stars of ‘Shazam!’ on bringing the ‘Big’-meets-Superman comic book film to life

At the moment, I felt a little salty. I was like, “Crap, I played my chip, I got a spin on the wheel, I made it on the board and it wasn’t everything I hoped it would be, and then Cate Blanchett killed me” — which is an honor, by the way. But had I […]

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DeLand is home to Superman’s artist | News | beacononlinenews.com

Get to know some key comic book roles Penciler — The illustrator of a comic book script. Pencilers are the first step of rendering a comic visually, and often set the layout of a comic as well. Inker — An inker outlines and traces the original pencil work, often adding and interpreting, and finalizes the […]

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6 Shazam! comic books you should read ahead of the movie

Once more popular than even Superman or Batman, Captain Marvel — aka Shazam — is one of the oldest and arguably most powerful superheroes in modern existence. Born in the pages of Fawcett Comics’ Whiz Comics #2 in 1940, Billy Batson has gone under several retcons through the years but his story has, essentially, stayed […]

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9 things you should know about the origins of DC’s new movie ‘Shazam’

Are you worried that when DC’s “Shazam!” comes out April 5 that you won’t be conversational about him? Take heart! Here are nine fun facts to know and tell about Shazam: 1. As the internet keeps reminding us, Shazam was called Captain Marvel when he debuted in late 1939. The star of Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” […]

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WATCH: Zachary Levi promises that Shazam would take down Superman in a fight

Zachary Levi spent most of his life dreaming of playing a superhero, and now that he’s finally promoting his own blockbuster comic book movie, it’s clear that the 38-year-old actor has not been at all disappointed by the experience. After playing a supporting role in two Thor movies, Levi steps into the spotlight as the […]

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Chapman: 80 years of Batman | Opinion | corsicanadailysun.com

In May of 1939, a comic book company known as Detective Comics Inc. introduced a new character to their 27th issue of their Detective Comics series. This new superhero, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, evoked the crime noir atmosphere of the era with its featured character Bruce Wayne, a boring young socialite… that […]

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Batman at 80: How the Dark Knight Became the World’s Most Iconic Superhero

In early 1939, Superman soared over the comic book world. Editors at a nascent DC Comics (then known as National Comics Publication) charged young gag cartoonist Bob Kane with creating a follow-up to the hugely successful character. The illustrator wracked his brain, drawing upon diverse images from across the pop cultural spectrum: Leonardo da Vinci’s […]

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Using your privilege for good: When Superman met Vixen

There are always two sides to a story, and things aren’t always as they appear. This requires a strong level of discernment in those who have the power to affect what happens in response, and a responsibility for those in positions of power to take a deeper look as they can impact how others see the situation. […]

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